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Excited to welcome Galit Ariel to the Talk Boutique’s Roster!

Talk Boutique is excited to welcome Galit Ariel to our speaker roster. Galit Ariel transdisciplinary creative and strategic thinker and author of “Augmenting Alice: The Future of Identity, Experience & Reality”.

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Q: Tell us a little bit more about your book ‘Augmenting Alice – The Future of Identity, Experience and Reality’.

‘Augmenting Alice’ contextualizes and futurescapes the implementation of Augmented Reality. It explores the technology’s (past, present and future) opportunities, challenges and risks; Looking at how Augmented Reality will change the way we interact with and experience technology and the world, and redefine core concepts related to identity, value creation, privacy, society and ethics. The physical book contains an augmented layer, which provides an interactive experience and an additional data layer (that is updated periodically).

Q. What (or who) is the source of your inspiration?

Science fiction literature & TV/movies influenced me tremendously when I grew up. I had no doubt that the alternate socio-technical futures would materialize and was fascinated by how vividly some authors could envision and describe the challenges and consequences of applying future technologies within the context of complex human mechanics – on the mental, social and ethical level. I still draw inspiration from Sci-fi but also the wider pop culture, media and literature to understand the zeitgeist and speculate about possible futures and technologies.

Q. What’s the most significant challenge that the tech industry faces today?

Now that so many exponential technologies are materializing simultaneously, the tech industry has three core challenges:

The first is the need to adopt a truly inclusive culture. Tech is still designed in silos. The tech industry will hit an innovation and diffusion plateau if it doesn’t change this, ending up with looping in the same processes, like-mindedness culture, and (lack of) value creation. It needs to embrace real diversification – a more creative and experimental mindset, a real mix across age/gender/race/mindset in its staffing and customer approach. If it does that it will be able to create more meaningful tech solutions. This is the second issue. The tech industry needs to be better at focusing on the real ‘hard problems’. Harness its potential to improve the human existence and deliver solutions that create real, long-term value for the many – versus quick fixes and monetary growth for the few. Most importantly – it needs to establish more accountability and mindfulness towards the rights and needs of its audience and anyone/anything affected by it.

Q. What is the single best piece of advice you would like to give to anyone looking to get into the field of immersive tech?

My best piece of advice is: be mindful of, and respectful towards existing physical spaces and behaviours. Immersive tech can be an excellent tool to add function, knowledge and rich experiences – as long as you ensure that you are adding value versus an unnecessary digital noise to the world.


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