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Andrew Peek

Serial Tech Entrepreneur & Angel Investor

Andrew Peek

Serial Tech Entrepreneur & Angel Investor


Andrew makes educated bets on technology backed by experimentation and data. Over the last 10 years, he has held leading roles in founding and scaling several of Canada’s most notable startups, including FreshBooks, Shopify, Jet Cooper, Next to North, and Camp Reset.

As a serial entrepreneur, Andrew charts paths through uncertainty and makes bold predictions about where technology will lead us. His ability to draw connections between disparate ideas and trends comes from standing at the intersection of many different communities at any given time. He gave a talk at TEDxToronto titled Why Our Stories Are Going to Kill Us in 2015.

Keynote Topics:

The Impact of Exponential Change

Technology’s rate of change is exponential. Organizations, on the other hand, are designed to grow linearly; quarter-over-quarter, year-over-year. As a result, the frequency with which technology interrupts our business plans and goals is forever increasing. Andrew speaks on the importance of designing systems that expect an ever-increasing velocity of change, including how we as individuals can change the way we view ourselves. In this talk, learn to navigate exponential change while preserving a sense of “true north”.

Activating an Entrepreneurial Mindset

There is a growing belief that resilience and grit are the key determinants to fostering entrepreneurship and career success. Yet, the entrepreneurial mindset remains elusive to organizations trying to foster these traits in their employees. So what’s missing?

While grit and resilience are important qualities, they will not create an entrepreneurial mindset. Andrew illustrates how you can activate an entrepreneurial mind by designing for curiosity. This talk will show you how to foster curiosity by allowing your team to identify the problems that interest them most. By creating a culture around following our natural interests, you can develop an entrepreneurial mindset within any organization.