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Paul Nadeau

Former Hostage Negotiator, Mental Health Advocate

Paul Nadeau

Former Hostage Negotiator, Mental Health Advocate


Paul Nadeau

Former police detective, hostage negotiator and international peacekeeper J. Paul Nadeau spent more than 30 years working with victims of crime and perpetrators and learning from top experts in abuse situations, murder investigations, hostage takings, terrorist attacks and human behavior in general. Over the course of his career, Nadeau talked hostage takers into giving themselves up and murderers into admitting to their crimes. And because of his extensive training and his unique approach to connecting with people of all walks of life and under every circumstance, his life was saved by a terrorist during a terrorist attack in the Middle East. Nadeau understands the importance of connecting to others, without judgement, prejudice or fear so that we can each contribute to helping the world become a better and safer place.

As accomplished as Nadeau’s career has been – and continues to be, his life has been equally influenced by events in his youth that were beyond his control. As a survivor of severe physical and emotional abuse by an alcoholic father, he experienced firsthand the loss of hope and destructive internal dialogue that can immobilize a person as effectively as any prison. Suffering from low self-esteem, anxiety and depression at an early age, Nadeau experienced a moment in grade 7 that turned his life around and led him to confidently take control of his life. He credits that moment for providing him the personal power to achieve many successes, both personally and professionally. He became the policeman he promised himself he’d become to arrest men like his father and he has made it his life’s mission to guide others through the thoughts and experiences in their lives that hold them hostage, just as his thoughts had done to him. He now speaks to thousands of people-in large audiences and one on one about what they can do not only to overcome their fears and challenges, but also to confidently step forward into a new, happier and more fulfilled life.

Nadeau’s success in helping others led him to write the acclaimed book, “Take Control of Your Life,” published by HarperCollins Canada, and his book has been credited for saving lives and helping hundreds of people deal with anxiety, depression, self-sabotage and a number of other human conditions. Nadeau is also a regular guest on SiriusXM’s talk radio, a consultant to world news networks such as CNN, The National and CP24 for his expertise on terrorism and global hostage crisis’ and a screenwriter.


Keynote Topics:

Keynote on Business Negotiating, using the principles of PIER Negotiating©

Paul attributes negotiating Failure to 3 F’s: Fear (afraid to ask for the commitment), Familiarity (not knowing HOW to negotiate for success) and Forgetfulness (not THINKING to search out and seize negotiating opportunities). Discover how to negotiate with confidence using the principles of PIER Negotiating©. In his many years of hostage negotiating and professional interviewing/interrogation, Paul discovered proven success techniques that help influence even the toughest of customers, and you’ll get them here.

Paul will provide you with those steps in a keynote or workshop that takes you and your staff through his 4 simple principles to help you reach your very best outcomes. He uses the PIER Negotiating©, a 4 step, principle-based technique Paul developed over years of negotiating in some of the toughest situations. Easy to remember and packed full of effective techniques, your audience will leave with that acronym embedded nicely in their memories, and their negotiating abilities will be that much better for it.

Here’s what PIER stands for: Planning, Intent, Entrance/Engagement and Relationship. The P: Planning – no one gets far in life without planning. Planning is preparedness. It’s knowing as much as you can about your client, your clients’ needs and wants, and the product you’re selling. Intent: Intent cannot be seen. It must be felt. Paul helps his audiences understand the importance of client-based negotiating and involving the client in the process of the sale. The ‘Intent” is to deliver the very best to the client – and building trust in the process. Entrance/Engagement: Making your best first impression and conducting yourself professionally and humanly throughout. What does Paul mean by humanly? Building connection. All this leads to the R: Relationship. People will reach yeses with you when they know you, like you and trust you. Paul teaches his audiences how to do exactly that; and once a ‘relationship’ is built, you can confidently ask for just about anything in life. Does this have to take long? No – and it’s a series of simple techniques (and an acronym) that can be immediately used.


Keynote: Conflict resolution:

Most people completely avoid conflict or are fearful to approach it, even when it’s unavoidable and begs to be addressed in order to resolve a disconnection between businesses or individuals. The reason for that avoidance often comes down to how we look at conflict.

As a former hostage negotiator, international peacekeeper (whose life was saved by a terrorist during a deadly conflict) and criminal interrogator, J. Paul has been personally involved in hundreds of situations involving conflict that drew on his expertise to resolve, often saving lives and building relationships. In part, his approach involves seeing conflict as opportunity. Yes, opportunity. Opportunity to address conflicting points of view, opportunity to understanding others and opportunity to open the channels of communication, enabling the aggrieved parties to build trust, respect and understanding. Let J. Paul Nadeau teach you proven and easy methods to resolve conflict in a way you may never have imagined possible. Through story-telling and key points, J. Paul will help you deal with your most difficult clients (or staff) and help you tear down walls and build bridges.


Keynote: Taking Control of Your Life – lessons on personal and business motivation:

Life and business can be challenging. Many of us sabotage ourselves by what we tell ourselves or by what others have told us. Many of us fear moving forward and living the life we deserve to live because we don’t know how. Before we can achieve most worth while things in life, we need to leave our difficult pasts behind, focus on our internal strengths and believe in our strengths. What holds many of us back from feeling capable of doing that is fear. That, or allowing past failures or experiences to dictate our futures – all of which is part of our human condition. In J. Paul Nadeau’s acclaimed book, “Take Control of Your Life,” he draws on his own past and that of many victims of crime who have risen above fear to take control of their lives to live the lives they deserve to live. Nadeau has been taught by some of the very best and has used the principles of success in his own life. Whether it’s your staff needing to be motivated and energized to reach their full potential or an organization dealing with individuals looking for hope, J. Paul Nadeau has a keynote for you. His book and keynotes on this topic have helped many people from all walks of life: CEO’s in finding renewed energy, employees in re-establishing motivation, individuals suffering from posttraumatic stress, depression and loss of hope, victims of sexual abuse or domestic violence, and more. His book is among the highest ranked in Amazon on the topic of sexual abuse and abuse in general. J. Paul Nadeau can modify his keynote or session to meet your individual needs and each session is based on his popular book.


Keynote: Motivating your staff to work as a family:

British-American author, motivational speaker and organizational consultant Simon Sinek and Paul have much in common. They see the potential to increase production and make the workplace a much happier place to be. What’s lacking in business these days is a sense of fulfillment. 90% of the workforce are feeling unfulfilled in their given positions, and businesses are being run too much like businesses.

Paul Nadeau has developed a keynote talk that will revolutionize the way you conduct your business, and consequently improve your overall success. Drawing from his military and paramilitary experience, Nadeau offers you a simple paradigm shift: what if nobody got left behind? What if the leader of an organization treated everyone like family members, and the employees did the same? What if generosity within the workplace became the standard and customers were treated like extended family?

In Nadeau’s experience as a police officer and peacekeeper, he came to understand the mentality that every military officer ought to have: nobody, absolutely nobody should be left behind. That means that every member of an organization looks out for one another, and in doing so helps the others to succeed. It’s not only what helps contribute to the overall mental wellness of each employee, it’s also what helps the organization to succeed beyond imagination. When you treat each other as family members, as your tribe, you build trust and the feeling of ownership, commitment and responsibility to the family is forged. The results translate to a healthier work environment and excellent service to everyone inside and outside the organization.

In this keynote talk, you will discover:

  • The role of the CEO
  • The role of the mentor and supervisor
  • The role of first responders – the people at the very heart of the organization
  • The key to success in any organization
  • How to get more fulfilment at work
  • How to get more production from your staff