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Stefan Palios

Diversity & Inclusion Expert, LGBTQ2S+ Community Builder

Stefan Palios

Diversity & Inclusion Expert, LGBTQ2S+ Community Builder


Stefan Palios

Stefan is an entrepreneur, writer, and speaker passionate about money, diversity & inclusion, and the people behind tech.

He has interviewed over 200 entrepreneurs and built nationally-recognized brands. Stefan is currently the CEO of PulseBlueprint, a company that solves the problems that keep entrepreneurs up at night. He was previously Communications Lead at blockchain + cryptocurrency startup Coinsquare. Stefan’s side hustle is founding national LGBTQ+ nonprofit Venture Out to foster inclusion in the tech and entrepreneurial world.

Stefan’s speaking career began by teaching businesses how to attract and retain LGBTQ talent. That was half a decade ago and now he feels fortunate to get to have conversations around diversity & inclusion, tech innovation, and entrepreneurship on a regular basis.

Stefan has spoken at events for Salesforce, Yale University, TD Bank, Microsoft, Maple Leaf Foods, and more.

Keynote Topics:

Diversity and Inclusion in Plain English

Taking the high level, often elitist terminology associated with diversity and inclusion (what is intersectional privileged oppressive identity, anyway?) and breaking it into a more practical definition.

The tangible, on-the-ground definition of diversity and inclusion at work.

What D&I *really* is, how to communicate it and hold your ground against naysayers, and how to cultivate understanding and empathy in your organization.

Intrapreneurs to the front: How to cultivate intrapreneurship at your company

Many companies say they want “entrepreneurial mindsets in the organization” (aka intrapreneurship), but few realize that an “intrapreneur” is not just a synonym for “employee with initiative”. ­

Most companies who want intrapreneurship think they just need to hire an entrepreneur to come work as an employee and boom, innovation.. But cultivating intrapreneurship is actually about the *structures you put in place* over the *type of person you find*.

The three fundamentals your company needs to support and benefit from intrapreneurship (transparency, autonomy, parameters).