Dream your dream

How does one muster that cry for courage? to find what’s within them to keep on daring to dream the dream? To believe with unwavering faith that your reinvention is at hand? That your second chance possible? That you will not just get through—that you will triumph. As we soon prepare to close in on our new reality, we want you to be ready.

Our sense-making conversations are put together with the hopes that you continue to adapt and evolve. We do this as our way of thanking you for the support you’ve given us over the years. We have the content, we have resources, and we want to help you continue to stay engaged and continue that dream.

This upcoming week you can expect a different schedule week with our Sense-Making Conversation happening on Friday at 12:30 pm.

As well as our “Ask Me Anything” style forum with our Changemakers, on Tuesday & Thursday also at 12:30 pm.


Melanie Parish
Tuesday, May 12, 2020 @12:30pm
Becoming an Experimental Leader

Melanie Parish
Author of The Experimental Leader: Be a New Kind of Boss to Cultivate an Organization of Innovators
With COVID 19 organizations were forced to burn their strategic plans overnight and start experimenting. Join Melanie Parish, to talk about how an experimental mindset offers the best strategy for leading in a crisis. Melanie will talk about letting go of old reactive leadership patterns that get in the way and creating a new path as an experimental leader. This new leadership style will allow you as a leader to foster intentional creativity to creatively solve the challenges you are facing.

Melanie is a public speaker, author, and Master Coach. An expert in problem-solving, constraints management, operations, and brand development, Melanie has consulted and coached organizations ranging from the Fortune 50 to IT start-up. As an author, educator, and creator of The Experimental Leader book, Melanie shows people new ways of thinking about their leadership, informed by her understanding of the fast-paced ride of technology innovation.

Stefan Palios
Thursday, May 14, 2020 @ 12:30pm
Why working remote and being inclusive can be synonymous

Stefan Palios
Why working remote and being inclusive can be synonymous
While Stefan has spent a lot of his time having interviewed over 200 companies and built nationally recognized brands, all with the purpose of creating inclusion; Stefan is now incorporating this onto the new reality we are facing. We tackle the questions of inclusion that goes into diversity, but now also remote. What are the new challenges many are facing as we move towards this inevitable future?

Stefan and currently the CEO of PulseBlueprint, a company that solves the problems that keep entrepreneurs up at night. He was previously Communications Lead at blockchain + cryptocurrency startup Coinsquare. Stefan’s side hustle is founding national LGBTQ+ nonprofit Venture Out to foster inclusion in the tech and entrepreneurial world.

Anne Connelly

Sense-Making Conversations

Friday, May 15th, 2020 12:30 pm
The future, de-centralized
Join Friday’s Sense-Making Conversation

Anne Connelly
Global Expert in Blockchain & Decentralization
As a blockchain social impact speaker, Anne loves sharing her passion for blockchain and its potential to change the world! She’s helped thousands of people understand how it works, why it matters, and how blockchain will create positive change for people and the planet.

Anne teaches global leaders how exponential technologies can solve problems that impact over a billion people. She also was the Director of Fundraising at Dignitas International, where she set up one of the world’s first bitcoin donation programs. In 2015, she was honored with the AFP New Fundraising Professional Award and she was also honored as one of CBC’s 12 Young Leaders Changing Canada and one of the Fifty Most Inspirational Women in Technology in Canada.

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