Talk Boutique, is the catalyst for diverse thought leaders, helping them to access, articulate and share their genius to drive meaningful transformation in the world.

We do this through individual and group coaching, as well as corporate and team programs. We discover and create platforms for thought leaders to share their ideas, creating world-changing impact one thought at a time.

We’ve worked with thousands of Leaders, Professional Presenters, TEDx speakers, Experts, and Changemakers globally using proven frameworks and methodology that was inspired by work with TEDx.

Master the Art of Storytelling, Present with Confidence, and Transform Your Ideas into Impact!

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The Thought Leader Academy! 

The Thought Leader Academy is a carefully crafted program designed to guide you in becoming the influential Thought Leader you were always meant to be.

Unlock your true potential through professional communication, branding, and community building!

Becoming recognized as a Thought Leader will accelerate your success, increase your impact, and grow your influence within your industry and the world around you.

How would your world be different if:

  • More people were excited about and actively supported your vision?
  • People recognized you as a go-to thought leader in your industry
  • Media routinely turned to you to ask for your expertise?
  • You had dramatically more opportunities to share your vision and story?
  • More colleagues and clients used you as a resource to solve their biggest challenges?

Don’t wait any longer to transform your ideas into impact.
It’s time to step into your Thought Leadership.

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Present Your Ideas With Impact Through Compelling Storytelling!

Storytelling is a tool that can create a deeper impact for your message. Kind of like the ‘trojan horse’ for your ideas.

When we connect with our audience through storytelling we are inviting them to feel into what we are sharing, they are more likely to remember and connect more with our message.

Want a storytelling tool used by thousands of storytellers, TED speakers, professionals, and thought leaders to help shape your complex ideas into impactful presentations?

Our Story Spine framework will help you ensure that people remember what you’re saying and why it matters!

Download The Story Spine and turn your ideas into powerful stories that amplify your Thought Leadership!

Speak with Power and Confidence.
Leave your Audience Hanging on Your Every Word!

As a leader, it’s your job to be a professional communicator.

Whether it’s a TED-style talk, a presentation for your team, a keynote address, or a more effective client pitch, we’ll help you communicate your ideas in a memorable, effective way.

As a full-service speaker/communication business, we’ll have a wealth of expertise to help you present with confidence and make a lasting impact.

Our expert coaches can help you craft a more engaging narrative, utilize effective storytelling for deeper impact, and improve your presentation skills.

You’ll walk away feeling confident and ready to make an impact at your next talk or presentation.

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The Ultimate Guide to Thought Leadership Through Storytelling Masterclass

It’s time to transform your expertise into captivating stories that position you as a recognized thought leader in your industry.

Unlock podcast guest spots, speaking engagements, and industry recognition by mastering the art of storytelling that deeply resonates with others.

Learn to showcase your expert knowledge and open doors to exciting opportunities with this powerful Masterclass!

📅 LIVE Wednesday, October 25 at 4:00 pm EST

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