At Talk Boutique we transform experts & change-makers into recognized and in-demand impact-driven thought leaders by helping them to become storytellers. Our TED-trained Speaker coaches can help you to access, articulate, and share your genius to drive meaningful transformation in the world.

Our stories can be the light that shines the way for someone’s journey. Can you remember a moment when someone shared a story that had an impact on your life?

At Talk Boutique, storytelling is a tool that we use to present, kind of like the ‘trojan horse’ for your ideas.

When we connect with our audience through storytelling we are inviting them to feel into what we are sharing, they are more likely to remember and connect more with our message.

Want a storytelling tool used by thousands of storytellers, TED speakers, professionals, and thought leaders to help shape your complex ideas into impactful presentations?

Who’s in charge of your path forward, the elephant or the rider?  

This is a powerful metaphor used by psychologist Jonathan Haidt.  It’s easy to believe that we are the rider, the logic in control of our own inner elephant — our emotional impulses.  However, the elephant has the advantage of size and inertia that are driven by instinct.

The truth is, we need both to work together. Learning to use our emotional impulses as the power to drive our vision forward is how we step into our Thought Leadership.  

We are excited to watch our community grow, to see so many building their ideas and stepping into their powerful vision, by creating harmony between their elephant and rider. 

If you need support as you take the reigns, book a call and take control of your path!

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