Impactful Storytelling: From Ideas to Opportunities

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Amplify Your Impact Through Storytelling

Would you like to tell stories to friends, give business presentations, or appear as a guest speaker at events, knowing that everyone in the room will be truly engaged?

Your words have the power to stir emotions, ignite ideas, and prompt immediate action. Whether you’re entertaining friends, closing a business deal, or motivating your team, mastering the art of storytelling can get you noticed by podcast hosts, event organizers, and industry leaders, expanding your message to wider audiences.

Join us for this 90-minute workshop to learn how to transform storytelling into compelling decisions and actionable strategies.


You’ll walk away from this workshop with tangible tools and strategies, empowering you to integrate storytelling into any communication setting.

Craft Idea-Driven Narratives: Discover the secrets to weaving your complex ideas into relatable stories, creating an emotional resonance that makes you unforgettable to your audience.

Build a Strong Presence: Understand how to shift your perspective to capture attention, even in crowded markets, and demonstrate your ideas with emotional connection.

Unlock Opportunities: Learn how to leverage storytelling techniques to make an impactful impression, whether you’re speaking in a boardroom, appearing on a podcast, or engaging on social media.

Ready to Transform Your Communication Skills?

Don’t miss out on this transformational experience. Reserve your spot today and begin your journey to becoming an impactful communicator in your field!


Masterclass Speaker, Andrea Sampson

Andrea is a renowned expert in turning professionals into thought leaders through storytelling. With exceptional listening skills, insight identification, and a deep understanding of human behavior, she guides clients in creating engaging narratives.

As CEO of Talk Boutique, Andrea serves as a Thought Leader Coach to global Executives and Professionals. With 20+ years leading in marketing, she excels in personal branding, community building, and impactful presentations.

Your Host, Ela Crain

Ela Crain has an MSc in Cognitive and Perceptual Brain Sciences from UCL. After running a video production company in London, managing a Webby-nominated non-profit organization in Berlin, and working as a Life Coach and Podcast Host in Los Angeles, Ela settled down in Lisbon.

In 2022, she started Nonconventional Show, exploring the paths less traveled, and A Buddhist View, engaging in insightful discussions with Ringu Tulku Rinpoche about spirituality and Buddhist philosophy.

She’s also an investor in Cosmos-based blockchain technologies and Estateguru, the leading Pan-European marketplace for property-backed loans for SMEs.

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