Communicating Exponential Technology for the Sake of Humanity

Exponential Technology

We’re hearing more and more about the work that scientists and innovators are doing in the field of exponential tech, from artificial intelligence (AI), augmented or virtual reality, robotics, nanotech, or biotech, just to name a few.

Change is happening faster than people could ever have imagined, and the speed of that change is accelerating. How soon will we be commuting in autonomous vehicles, scheduling appointments with our AI assistants, and using nanotechnology for surgeries conducted by doctors in remote locations? Some of these advances are already happening and others are about to become mainstream. The fact is, we all need to pay close attention to the conversation on exponential innovation.

SingularityU Canada

Around the world, SingularityU is committed to facilitating change by using exponential technology to create solutions to the world’s greatest challenges. Talk Boutique is a strategic partner of SingularityU Canada, a Canadian non-profit member of Singularity University’s global community. In fact, our Talk Boutique co-founders both hold staff positions at SingularityU Canada: Andrea Sampson is Head of Faculty, and Nick Kindler is Head of Programming. We commit our time and expertise to SingularityU Canada as our small part in supporting and creating positive change in the world.

Technology is Changing So Fast that There are Growing Pains

Technology has advanced to a point where it’s having a profound impact on our professional and personal lives. And our comprehension of technology has also advanced – no matter what age you are, you use technology daily and are starting to envision the opportunities that lie before us. This type of amazing growth is not without pain. As traditional systems and structures fall short of this new world’s needs, we are undergoing a fundamental shift in all aspects of society, including our medical, educational, and governmental systems. We believe this great shift provides us with an important opportunity to do better, to make things better.

Effective Storytelling and Communication Can Accelerate Science and Innovation

An important challenge often overlooked, is the ability for scientists and innovators to effectively communicate their breakthroughs and tell the story of what their innovation means for humanity so it can be understood by a wider audience. It’s an exciting time because so much is being researched, developed, and worked on to make the world a better place, from climate change and the environment to food and medicine. But, those working in their fields are busy doing and sharing amongst their colleagues using technical terms and jargon that mean only their colleagues understand the impact of their innovation.

Scientists and innovators need to stop and tell the story of what their innovation means for the world to gain further support and access mainstream media. People often hear about what ISN’T working, but what about what IS working and getting better or what the possibility of the work is? These are complex initiatives and those working on them need to be storytellers so the rest of the world understands the impact and importance of the work they have underway.

About Talk Boutique

Talk Boutique is coaching and developing SingularityU Canada faculty members to look at how exponential technologies will shape our future, and how we can leverage this moment in time to develop the vision and framework we need to become inspired leaders in a changing world.

We work with individuals in STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering Art and Mathematics – to help them use storytelling as a way to create an understanding of their complex expertise. Through our coaching process, we first understand their complex messaging and then use story narrative, refining the content and developing specific performance techniques to create an engaging, compelling, memorable talk, regardless if it’s in a boardroom, or in front of a stage of thousands.

Our world is changing, and it’s often for the betterment of society – and we need to make sure everyone knows about it.

If you have a story to tell, we can help. Contact us to find out about a workshop or personal coaching.

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