5 Ways Good Storytelling Helps You Connect While Travelling or in the Office

Summer vacation often means travel – whether it’s sitting lakeside at a cottage, or exploring a distant city for the very first time, we’re packing our bags and heading out.

As speaker coaches and curators of great stories, we’re always thinking about the life experiences that make us and our clients better at storytelling, sharing ideas, and inspiring others. Travelling, whether it’s near or far, enhances our lives by giving us a chance to see something new, change our perspective, and learn about the world we live in. But travelling can become even more enjoyable when we become better storytellers.

Here’s how the elements of effective storytelling can enhance your travel experience and your career:

1. Incorporate a New Perspective

Visiting a new or different place can change your outlook on any given topic. You might think of an effective new analogy or metaphor, or discover a better way to relate your idea to a wider audience. You may even come to a different understanding of your own subject.

2. Be Aware of Your Body Language

Anyone who has ever travelled somewhere another language is spoken realizes how important non-verbal communication like body language is. You become more expressive, and learn to pick up on others’ body language cues more effectively, either one on one or in groups.

3. Become Better at Building Rapport

Always be yourself, but when you are meeting someone for the first time, it helps to adjust your approach and be aware of how they communicate, and what they respond to. Developing rapport with an individual or an audience allows you to build trust and truly connect. Do what you can to create positive emotional reactions and positive feelings in your audience, and you are on your way!

4. Become More Adaptable

Yes, unexpected things are going to happen. No matter how much we plan and prepare, there will always be unexpected twists and turns in travel or in a live presentation. The ability to be adaptive, nimble, and responsive in the moment without getting flustered is a valuable skill set for anyone.

5. Become a Better Storyteller

Everyone has a story, but not everyone can tell a story. Travelling gives you the opportunity to get instant feedback on the way you convey a message. Storytelling is about how we relate to one another, and the better you are at it, the more memorable you and your experiences will be.

Talk Boutique co-founders Nick and Andrea believe that whether we’re travelling to a new place or making a presentation at work, our ability to share ideas is how true, positive change is created in the world.

Want to become a better storyteller? Learn more about our executive communication and speaker coaching programs.

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