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Summer vacation often means travel – whether it’s sitting lakeside at a cottage, or exploring a distant city for the very first time, we’re packing our bags and heading out.

As speaker coaches and curators of great stories, we’re always thinking about the life experiences that make us better at storytelling, sharing ideas, and inspiring others. Travelling enhances our lives by giving us a chance to see something new, change our perspective, and learn about the world we live in. But travelling can become even more enjoyable when we become better storytellers – whether we’re travelling to a new place or making a presentation at work, our ability to share ideas is how true, positive change is created in the world.

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“Travel, to me, is about discovery. When one takes the time to explore other spaces, cultures, and meet new people, you are creating a real opportunity for personal growth. Beyond that, travel is about rejuvenation and connection with yourself and others.” – Talk Boutique co-Founder, Nick Kindler

“Travel provides a unique intersection of selves: the self who left and the self who evolves with the experience. When we return from our wandering, it’s our stories that help others, and ourselves, understand who we have become.” – Talk Boutique Co-Founder, Andrea Sampson


Talk Canvas Webinar

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At Talk Boutique, we help our clients get their message across powerfully and effectively – every time. What’s the secret? Our proprietary Talk Canvas, which empowers clients to excel at communicating, time and again. Learn about the Talk Canvas, and sign up for our free webinar, “Talk Canvas – The Secret to Effective Presentations”, on July 19.

“The tools provided me new structure and stretched my thinking. I came into the process with idea of how I thought my talk would look and using this structure made it soooo much better”
– SpeakEasy Intensive Participant


COCA Conference 2018

Inspiring Students at the 2018 COCA National Conference

Last month, the Canadian Organization of Campus Activities (COCA) held its national conference in beautiful Fredericton, New Brunswick, and we were proud to sponsor Keynote Speaker David Bastedo. David spoke about The Tragically Hip’s emotional final tour and the impact of Gord Downie’s message of an inclusive Canada on a nation.

The Canadian Organization of Campus Activities (COCA) represents more than 60 member post-secondary institutions across Canada, from Vancouver to the Atlantic provinces. COCA has more than 80 associated artists and suppliers who provide services to the Canadian campus activities sector.

Our very own Gabby Ilic attended the COCA conference and shared her thoughts about the student leaders, and future changemakers, she had the opportunity to meet.


Randy VanDerStarren

Talk Boutique’s Randy Vanderstarren

On Canada Day 2018, Nathan Phillips Square served as the backdrop to a photographic exhibition called “Take Your Seat, Canada”. The outdoor exhibit showcased images representing every province and territory of Canada, each captured over a 24-day cross-country expedition led by Randy Vanderstarren.

VanDerStarren believes that Canada Day is a rare opportunity to tap into a much-needed wave of national pride and shared identity. ‘We tend to take this incredible country for granted. The photography of Take Your Seat, Canada draws attention to the awe-inspiring geography our country while inspiring Canadians to go out and explore it for themselves.

The day was a tremendous success – even with temperatures reaching 40 degrees, the outdoor ‘gallery’ at Nathan Phillips Square was filled with people, and Filipinos, Dutch, Ecuadorians, Mexicans, Italians, Saudis, Chinese, Thai, and Japanese, among others, experienced Canada through the motivational story of our chair. Take a peek at some pictures of this remarkable event!


Marianne Lefever

Speaker Feature of the Month: Marianne Lefever

The Environment, Innovation and Sustainability Strategist

Speaking of travelling, one of our speakers has lived and travelled all over the world and is now based in Toronto where she works with a Dutch urban planning studio and transforms cities around the globe into healthy communities. Marianne Lefever is an architect and a strategic thinker with over 10 years of experience in climate change mitigation and sustainable city design. After an exciting career as a structural engineer, renewable energy consultant, innovation consultant, and futurist, she returned to her first love of sustainable city design. She has lived and travelled all over the world, and now is based in Toronto.

Learn more about Marianne and how you can book her for your organization or event.


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