June 2017 News & Events

At Talk Boutique, the month of June is all about the topic of creativity.

Here are some things we have going on in June:

  • Register for our storytelling workshop on June 22, 2017.
  • Particpate in our book club by picking up, borrowing or downloading a copy of Everyone’s an Artist

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Workshop: Storybuilding – Develop Your Talk

Thursday, June 22, 2017 | 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

This workshop, facilitated by Andrea Sampson and Nick Kindler seasoned TEDxToronto Speaker Coaches, will provide you with the basics of how to write and present short, powerful and engaging talks that will increase your presentations skills and give you the confidence to get up and deliver YOUR own talk!

Performance Skills Workshop

Participants of this half day workshop will learn:

  • The essentials of giving a powerful talk
  • How to use story / metaphor / analogy as tools to create understanding and lasting impact
  • A proven framework that can be used to develop any presentation
  • Performance techniques that create connection with your audience
  • Tips and tricks for remembering your talk with minimal use of visuals

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Everyone's an Artist

Book Club

Everyone’s an Artist

Join us this month as we read Everyone’s an Artist by Ron Tite, Scott Kavanauh and Christopher Novais. At the end of the month we will provide you with our own book review. Please join the conversation by using #TalkBoutiqueReads on Twitter and Facebook.

A Message from Nick

May was an exciting month.

In addition to hosting our Salon on Failure, we saw a team of senior Ophthalmologists from U of T congrate at the Lee Ka Shing building to deliver more than two dozen talks as part of a unique TED-style certification program we developed for them. Now in it’s second year, this program was a resounding success for both the speakers and attendeeds.

We also were proud to be part of the Children’s Aid Foundation Five-14 event, having coached their wonderful array of speakers to help elevate the quality of this meaningful and powerful program.

On May 26, I delivered a keynote to a group of leaders at the PEO – Professional Entrepreneurs Organization. The focus: communicating with courage. The talk touched upon on the foundations required to communicate with courage in order to lead with your authentic voice: identify and articulate your values and needs, develop a statement of purpose, and show emotion and embrace vulnerability in your communication.

On May 11, I also helped the team at Imagine Canada embrace their new organizational values, by delivering a fun, engaging workshop on how to integrate levity in the workplace at their two day offsite. I also delivered a Communicating with Courage keynote for the Imagine team

A busy month to say the least!

SingularityU Germany Summit

A Message from Andrea

This was a busy month for conferences! Three of our clients hosted events featuring speakers coached by Nick and myself: University of Toronto, Daniels School of Architecture’s Future Environment event; Children’s Aid Foundation’s Five14 event; and, University of Toronto, Ophthalmology Update Conference.

I was able to attend the SingularityU Germany Summit which allowed me to expand my thinking and helped me to better understand the work of many of our academic, technology and scientist clients.

The C2 Conference in Montreal showcased the intersection of Creativity and Commerce. This three-day festival style conference co-hosted by Sid Lee and Cirque du Soleil inspired over 6000 global participants with performances and speakers who view creativity through different lenses. With creativity as an overarching theme, speakers focused on technology, environment, consumption, risk, artificial intelligence all told from a round stage under beautiful artwork rendered by an AI artist projected onto a big top circus tent. Inspiring!

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