Louisa Jewell | Sense Making Conversations: How to Manage Anxiety and Stress in Uncertain Times

Knowing how to thrive during an international crisis is not a luxury for business, but a necessity. Everyone needs to know how to maintain high levels of resilient mental energy to not only survive AND thrive in this crisis. The latest research in neuroscience shows us that resilience is a teachable mindset and skill set that few are taught, but everyone needs. It is the key for success especially during challenging times.

In this 45 minute Virtual Lunch and Learn, Louisa Jewell, workplace well-being and resilience expert, will share evidence-based practical tools to increase your resilience and motivation through uncertain times. Louisa has worked with over 100,000 people globally to educate leaders and teams on what it takes to stay psychologically resilient and to flourish. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to ‘ask the expert’ your important questions.


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