New Exclusive Retreat to Deliver a Compelling Talk in 4 Days

We’re all feeling very proud at Talk Boutique this morning! After many conversations, months of work, and our own personal reflection on how to provide the most-needed services to our clients, we are excited to introduce the SpeakEasy Intensive – an exclusive retreat to help leaders move from idea to stage-ready in just four days.

What is SpeakEasy Intensive?

When you attend SpeakEasy Intensive, you’ll be part of an intimate collection of only 20 dynamic leaders and changemakers from across Canada and the world, all wanting to sharpen their communication and speaking skills. Our programs attract senior management, such as CEOs, CTOs EVPs, SVPs, and R&D leaders, as well as leading entrepreneurs, investors, scientists, academics, artists, and thought leaders who represent the future of their industries. You’ll leave the four-day retreat with a comprehensive talk, captured on video, and armed with the tools and techniques to develop and deliver future talks.

Why SpeakEasy Intensive is Important

For us, this is not just another program, it’s deeply personal.

Having coached and curated the world-renowned TEDxToronto and SingularityU Canada conference and many, many others, we noticed something.

There are lots of people with big ideas, thousands of them, and only a handful are chosen to grace the TED stage. And those changemakers that were fortunate enough to make it on the stage often spoke once and then shared their video. And that was it. The training, the coaching, the experience was exclusive, and yet fleeting.

We want to change that.

Do you have a story or big idea inside you? Whether it’s a TED Talk, a lecture, a keynote address, or other unique knowledge you’d like to express, you’re what we call a ‘changemaker-in-waiting’. SpeakEasy Intensive will bring you together with a small group of like-minded thinkers and leaders who want to develop their storytelling skills in an exclusive, bespoke setting.

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SpeakEasy Intensive Auditorium

This is an opportunity for you to stop the clock and get the training you need to develop your idea, refine your message, work on your verbal and non-verbal presentation style – all through one-on-one coaching with our world-class TED-trained coaches. This is professional development at a senior level, for those who have experience and thoughts to share.

We know what a challenge public speaking can be, and we know how rare an opportunity comes along to develop such a valuable skill in such a short time that will propel you and your business forward.

There are limited spots available. For more information on how to become a part of SpeakEasy Intensive, call us at 647-725-7760 or click here to apply.

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