November’s Expert-Led Sessions in The Thought Leader Academy

Aspiring thought leaders, visionaries, and changemakers, November is your month to shine! Our Thought Leader Academy is bringing you an exceptional lineup of sessions led by industry experts, designed to empower you with the knowledge and skills to propel your journey towards becoming a thought leader.

It’s time to sharpen your core message, engage your community, and leverage the power of podcasts to amplify your voice. Let’s not forget the importance of confidence and community building in realizing your worth.

Crafting Your Core Message

Group Coaching hosted by Andrea Sampson, CEO & Executive Speaker Coach [Thurs, Nov 5]

Hosted by Andrea Sampson, this 90-minute group coaching session is all about clarity. Your core message matters – refine it, understand who it’s for, and define what you want your audience to feel and think. Walk away with a defined idea and a target audience, setting the foundation for your thought leadership.

As a master storyteller and CEO of Talk Boutique, Andrea has leveraged her extensive background in marketing, advertising, and public speaking to help clients craft engaging stories and deliver impactful talks. As a TED-trained coach and key figure in bringing Singularity University to Canada, Andrea specializes in making technical and scientific content accessible while maintaining its credibility. Andrea’s unique expertise and passion for transforming the world of public speaking has positioned her as a sought-after executive coach for leaders and speakers worldwide.

Creating Engagement within Your Thought Leadership Community

Group Coaching hosted by Maruxa Murphy [Nov 9]

This interactive group coaching session will explore how to create engagement within your Community to help you optimize the content and value you provide to them. Maruxa has over 22 years of experience in growing, monetizing, and expanding impact-driven brands. She is a trusted advisor to CEOs and executive teams around the world.

A pioneer in the virtual and hybrid community design space, Maruxa has brought humanity back into online communities, and her work has been recognized by numerous organizations and brands including Facebook and the United Nations. Maruxa has over 22 years of experience in growing, monetizing, and expanding impact-driven brands. She is a trusted advisor to CEOs and executive teams around the world. Maruxa is passionate about helping others achieve their goals, and she firmly believes that communities are key to making this world a better place.

Leveraging Podcast Tours to Build Your Community

60-min Q&A Session with Andrea Sampson and Dalyn Miller [Nov 16]

Join us for a one-hour exploration into how you can leverage Podcast tours to amplify your message and create a lasting impact in the marketplace to propel your thought leadership and brand.

Dalyn A. Miller is the founder of Dalyn Miller Public Relations and The Podcast Team. For nearly 20 years, DMPR has worked with leading health and wellness, functional medicine, personal development, entrepreneurial visionaries, and the brands they are synonymous with today. Recognizing new media’s vitality and rapid expansion, Dalyn and his company launched The Podcast Team in 2017 and established a recognizable presence as the go-to resource for top experts across critical categories for podcasters. By leading his team in focusing on authentic relationships with top producers and hosts worldwide, they have developed the largest proprietary contact database in the industry and built the most comprehensive booking network available to authors, thought leaders, and experts today.

Claiming Your Worth: Confidence & Community Building

Group Coaching hosted by Mariangelica Forero [Nov 23]

Join us for an insightful session where we’ll focus on valuing our ideas with confidence. Explore strategies to boost self-confidence and learn about the importance of nurturing connections within our community for personal and professional growth.

Mariangelica Forero is a certified mindset & business coach, educator and international speaker. With over a decade of experience, Mariangelica has coached hundreds of professionals, helping them throw out the mind trash, go after their purpose and increase their courage and confidence in the process. Through her life-changing coaching programs, podcast, workshops and luxury retreats, she offers powerful mindset shifts and strategies that help clients become new versions of themselves.

Community Building through Podcasts

Group Coaching hosted by Maruxa Murphy [Nov 30]

Returning with another valuable session, Maruxa Murphy guides you through the intricacies of community building through podcasts. Learn how to harness the unique potential of this dynamic medium to grow a vibrant, interactive community that amplifies your thought leadership and extends the reach of your brand.

Are you ready to embark on this transformative journey of knowledge, growth, and self-discovery?

These sessions are your key to unlocking your potential as a thought leader and bringing your message to the world. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to learn from seasoned experts in the industry. Enroll today and let’s make November your month of empowerment and enlightenment.

Ready to Ignite Your Thought Leadership Journey? Sign up now and join us for November’s sessions!

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