Can a Chair Reconnect You With Your Planet and Your Sense of Self?

re·con·nect rēk#ˈnekt/ verb: re-establish a bond of communication or emotion.

Two and a half years ago, I stood on Parliament Hill. I had just testified in front of the Senate Committee on Banking, Trade and Commerce. Thankfully, there was enough of my all but forgotten self left to make me realize I was not living my life as I had intended.

Dreams often make way for reality. In my case, reality meant running a small but scrappy investment company. The dreams that made way were my love of writing and photography. My degree is in film for goodness sake! Somehow, chasing a national retirement solution had trumped the sheer joy of capturing a thought or a shot.

On that Hill, at that moment, I made a conscious decision to reconnect my dreams with my actions. Take Your Seat was born.

Ten countries later, we have had major exhibitions at prestigious galleries. We have had our work in concert with the Toronto Symphony. Two of our photographs have been presented to His Highness Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan. We have two year-long installations at Pearson International Airport. The World Wildlife Fund, Nikon and a host of other like-minded sponsors have joined with us to deliver a simple message;We only have one life and one planet. We must enthusiastically take care of both.

Can a chair reconnect you with your planet and your sense of self?

I urge you to take your seat and find out!

Find out how the director’s chair acts as a symbol for you to take charge of your own life and how to empower your team to create stand out customer loyalty. Learn more about Randy VanDerStarren.

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