Jill McAbe

Entrepreneur, Facilitator, Business and Performance Skills Expert

Jill McAbe

Entrepreneur, Facilitator, Business and Performance Skills Expert


A business performance skills expert, teacher and speaker, Jill’s mission is helping people excel at work through vision development and acquisition of cutting-edge performance skills and tools.

Jill holds a Masters in Leadership from Royal Roads University. She is Certified in Change Leadership, Tilt 365 Strength Assessments, Executive Coaching, and Team Coaching.

For the past 15 years, Jill has been inventing and teaching entrepreneurs and professionals performance solutions founded on the best of recent leadership, business, behavioral, and neuroscience research.

To share her knowledge developing leaders, Jill is creating BOOM-U, a Success Skills Academy offering an individualized, integrated framework for learning personal, interpersonal, leadership, and entrepreneurial skills to people who are committed to achieving their fullest potential.

Jill’s experience as a world-class restaurateur and business consultant combined with her knowledge of neuroscience and behavioral science set her apart. Jill is a science translator. She invents high-powered tools that are easy to apply, with high ROI!

Keynote Topics:

Doubling Competitive Advantage with Vision

When you learn how to develop and use your vision strategically, you will be able to fully lever your vision to fuel your competitive advantage. In this session participants will learn:

  • How your vision can help you outperform your competition
  • How to craft and lever your vision to create competitive advantage
  • Activities to develop your vision

Making Better Decisions

What many people don’t realize is that most of us make decisions irrationally. Research demonstrates that the quality of our decisions is compromised by biases, overconfidence, emotion, and worst of all, insufficient data. In this session, participants will learn how to stop agonizing over decisions as they follow a step-by-step process proven to produce predictably better decisions.