Talk Canvas™ – The Secret to Effective Presentations

You may not have heard of Talk Boutique’s Talk Canvas™ yet, but if you have a story or big idea inside you, our Talk Canvas will help you communicate your ideas in a memorable, effective, powerful way – every single time.

At Talk Boutique, we’re experts in helping people develop their content, hone their storytelling skills, and enhance their performance, and our proprietary Talk Canvas is one of the most powerful coaching tools we use. The Talk Canvas is a framework we developed which helps speakers organize and structure their presentations in a way that builds their own confidence, and brings their audience right into the story being told.

Visually, we think of the Talk Canvas as a coat hanger – an unchanging framework on which you can hang the different component parts that make up the particular story you’re working on. When we developed the framework, we first identified all the key elements of any talk, no matter what the content and audience are, and the order in which they meaningfully come together.

All the talks you develop can, and will, be completely different, but their underlying structure will be the same. The Talk Canvas applies a formal structure to any story or narrative. First, we establish a baseline understanding of what that structure is, and then we give each component piece a specific name and purpose. The Talk Canvas ensures that all the information you convey is digestible and that it comes to the audience in a way they can understand it, internalize it, and remember it.

As we work through the Talk Canvas with our clients, we listen to their talk as it’s being developed, not only for content but from the point of view of the audience, ensuring that the speaker is creating real engagement. Our clients leave their coaching sessions with a close understanding of the Talk Canvas system and our storybuilding system, which they can use over and over again. Whether it’s a TED Talk, a lecture, a keynote address, or a client pitch, you can use the Talk Canvas to create an effective presentation – but you can also use it to write an email, or leave a voicemail.

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