Tips for Avoiding Public Speaking Failures

Let’s face it, public speaking isn’t easy for everyone as it sometimes doesn’t come naturally, but, it’s not impossible. We are firm believers that everyone has a talk in them, it just takes time to develop a story, and practice to take the stage. At Talk Boutique, we don’t see failing as a negative, we see it as a learning opportunity, a way to improve and become a stronger speaker and storyteller.

These tips for avoiding public speaking failures are a good place to start if you are new to public speaking or simply wish to become a stronger speaker.


You’ve heard it before, but we can’t stress enough the importance of rehearsing your talk. You should rehearse it until you know it by heart. When you step on stage nerves can get in the way and it can be easy to forget your lines, this is why it is important to feel confident about the topic you are presenting.

Talk Structure

When preparing your talk, ensure that it is well developed and easy to follow. Remember, your audience may not be as familiar with the topic you are speaking about so try not to complicate things.

What’s Your Point?

When preparing your talk, think about your audience. What do you want them to take away from the talk, what is the call to action? People are more likely to connect with your topic if they are able to learn something.

Be Conscious of Your Body Language

When speaking, be aware of your body language – don’t fidget as it will be distracting to your audience. Everything you do on stage will be seen by the audience. Use your body language to enhance your story and intrigue your audience.

Note: If you experience a setback while on stage spin it to be positive. Take it as a learning experience and apply it to your next presentation. Also, remember that you are generally more critical of yourself than your audience will be. If you do forget your lines, chances are you are the only one that will notice.


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