Jodi Kovitz

CEO, Executive Growth Strategist

Jodi Kovitz

CEO, Executive Growth Strategist


Jodi Kovitz is the CEO of AceTech Ontario and the Founder of Just Say Hello. Jodi is living proof that by adopting a “Just Say Hello” mindset and building meaningful relationships with courage, you can transform your success in life and business.

Jodi is the CEO of AceTech Ontario, which is a non-profit organization for technology leaders to engage in meaningful discussions, mentoring and exploration of ideas. Previously, she drove growth and innovation at a large national and cross-border law firm (Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt) as an executive business development and growth strategist. With a multitude of experience, Jodi has also practiced law, worked in marketing at a technology start-up that went public, worked in leadership development at a bank, and even consulted for a top-tier global consulting firm.

Jodi is a relationship builder, connector, and innovator. She regularly speaks and writes on innovative business development strategies, networking, and women’s business development opportunities in Canada and the U.S. She is part of the executive committee of SickKids Innovators and an active volunteer fundraiser for the SickKids Foundation. She was recently appointed to the board of the Optimal Living Lab, a national innovation initiative.

Keynote Topic:

Just Say Hello

A simple “hello” can change your life. Yet, too many of us don’t say hello often enough. We are afraid, shy, busy or indifferent. Just Say Hello is about why you should take every opportunity to connect with other people. The talk will also teach you how to turn those “hellos” into meaningful relationships that will help you achieve greater success in your career, business and life.

Build Your Hub and the Rest Will Follow

In this talk, Jodi shares the benefit of creating a small set of authentic, high-value relationships aligned with your goals. By using a networking technique she calls “amaze and delight with generosity,” you can build your own hub of 6 high-value relationships. This powerful keynote will teach you why building small networks (and treating those people right) is the best investment you can make in your long-term career success.