Salon: Answers vs. Questions

Question asked: In order to preserve our humanity do we need to focus less on the invention of new technology and focus more on the creation of provocative questions?

Jill McAbe

Sonny Kohli

Stay tuned for the talks – they will be available soon!

Salon: The Other ‘F’ Word, Failure

Question asked: The wisdom of learning from failure is incontrovertible, yet we avoid it at all costs. Why do most fear it? Should we embrace it? Either way, what’s at stake?

Salon: The Future of Work

Question asked: Being unreasonable will shape the future of work, but can we tolerate it?

Salon: Truth, Lies & Complicity

Question asked: Does our insatiable appetite for facts and information drive us to lose sight of what’s true?

Salon: Digital vs Traditional Community

Question asked: Does our desire for digital change our definition of community?