Executive Speaking Skills & How You Can Accelerate Your Career

70% of employed Americans think public speaking and presentation skills are critical to career advancement. We couldn’t agree more which is why we offer workshops on a regular basis. No matter where you’re at in your career—whether you want to get into senior management or become an executive—you need to make confident, compelling presentations in order to get noticed and promoted.

To get ahead in your career, executive speaking skills are required. You need to stand out among your peers and be recognized, both for the quality of your work and ideas and for the way you’re able to articulate them. Being good at what you do is one thing, but being able to present your work in a way that’s coherent and thoughtful is what will make the difference in how people see you. That’s because your ability to present well demonstrates you can think well, and you’re able to organize your thoughts in a meaningful and relevant way.

Consider the following ideas when working on your next presentation.

Your Core Idea

Start with your core idea, also known as a premise or statement of purpose. What are you trying to communicate? What is the ONE thing you want your audience to remember? At Talk Boutique, we believe in building your talk from the middle out. Our proven method helps you thoughtfully compose a powerful, compelling talk, beginning with your core idea.

What’s in it for the Audience?

This should be the next critical question you ask yourself when preparing for a presentation. The better you understand who your audience is, the easier it is to identify and highlight what’s important to them.

Your Delivery

After you develop effective, meaningful content around your core idea, you need to deliver your content in a compelling and engaging way. What you want to say and how you want to say it are two separate things, each equally important. The importance of body language, voice, and stage presence cannot be overstated. Practice in front of your friends, family, a mirror or a presentation skills coach until you are fully confident.

Because in today’s knowledge economy, it’s not enough to land a new account or successfully implement a big marketing initiative; if you can’t clearly articulate what you’ve accomplished, your success can (and often does) go unnoticed. By effectively presenting a commanding explanation of your success, one that inspires others, you are memorable and this creates opportunities for advancement. Whether your audience is an executive team or a larger meeting like a town hall for the entire company, your presentation is an opportunity for you to showcase your readiness for the next level in your career.

The more senior you become in your organization, the more you present and the more visible you become. Good speakers who are strong and engaging are sought after for events and conferences and are always in short supply.

Talk Boutique’s powerful approach helps you effectively build, organize and deliver any presentation. Our TED trained coaches help you compose your talk or presentation, and then develop the performance skills to deliver with confidence. If you want to increase your value to your organization and put yourself on a fast-track to advancement, join us for one of our presentation skills workshops or sign up for private 1:1 presentation and speaker coaching. You’ll reap the benefits for the rest of your career.

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