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Transform this moment by zooming off and finding the inner self that drives the hope within you. Often, this can be found in who, and what, you love and cherish deeply. This will serve to realign that dream and to fan your flames into a great blaze, once more. We at Talk Boutique want you to continue feeling the fire within you, and in turn, for you to spark the flame within others. Our sense-making conversations are put together with the hopes that can continue fanning your flame, and to be a platform that you can turn to amidst these trying times. We do this as our way of thanking you for the support you’ve given us over the years. We have the content, we have resources, and we want to help you continue to stay engaged and continue that dream.

This upcoming week you can expect a similar schedule this week with our Sense-Making Conversations on Friday at 12:30 pm. .

As well as our “Changemaker20” sessions with our Changemakers, from Tuesday-Thursday, also at 12:30 pm.


Cherry Rose Tan
Tuesday, April 28, 2020 @ 12:30pm
How to Talk about the Really Hard Things

Cherry Rose Tan
CEO of #realtalk, the mental health movement for the tech industry
A fifth-generation entrepreneur, Cherry Rose lives and breathes what it means to create companies that matter. With 12 years of expertise in psychology, she has guided thousands through the trenches of mental health. A mentor for the Inc. Founders Project, she coaches CEOs on emotional resilience and executive communication.

In this session, Cherry is going to explore the change and uncertainty happening, and most importantly, how to communicate and bring up uncomfortable feelings. How do we have to confront conversations with ourselves, our family, or our team?


Rachel Parent
Wednesday, April 29th, 2020 @ 12:30pm
The future of Climate Change and Sustainable Foods

Rachel Parent
Food Activist & TEDx Speaker
Rachel Parent is an environment youth activist and founder of Kids Right to Know, a not-for-profit organization that educates youth about the connection between food and climate change while advocating for GMO labeling. A media veteran, she’s given dozens of interviews including a debate with Kevin O’Leary on CBC. She’s an international and two time TEDx speaker. The founder of Gen-Earth Events, an environmental film platform, and has started a monarch butterfly conservation program, raising and releasing up to 2000 monarchs to date.

We discuss with Rachel, the new realities of climate change and sustainable foods as we do a deep dive into the many changes we’ve seen through these last few weeks, and the long-term effects on the planet, as well as what we look forward to in the horizon.

Dr. Mary Donohue
Thursday, April 30th, 2020 @ 12:30pm
How to achieve 76 more really good days

Dr. Mary Donohue
Generational Workforce Expert, Using Technology to Create Wellness
Dr. Mary Donohue is a social scientist. It’s her job to know why we speak and act the way we do at work and how we can shift to be even more effective. She has been named as one of the 18 Outstanding Women In Tech and Diversity MBA’s top 50 under 50, Dr. Donohue is a passionate advocate of revolutionizing today’s workforce training through technology and developing internal talent

Dr. Mary’s research found that we only understand the meaning of an email clearly 20% of the time, this is compounded by the problem of negative feedback and leads you to a stressful day. Her research indicates that if you can learn to classify people that you communicate with into groups, and identify patterns of behavior common to each group, you can reduce your digital stress by 10% and enjoy 76 more really good days.

Melanie Parish

Sense-Making Conversations

Friday, May 1st, 2020 12:30pm

Becoming an Experimental Leader

Melanie Parish

Melanie is a public speaker, author, and Master Coach. An expert in problem-solving, constraints management, operations, and brand development, Melanie has consulted and coached organizations ranging from the Fortune 50 to IT start-up. As an author, educator, and creator of The Experimental Leader book, Melanie shows people new ways of thinking about their leadership, informed by her understanding of the fast-paced ride of technology innovation.

With COVID 19 organizations were forced to burn their strategic plans overnight and start experimenting. Join Melanie Parish, to talk about how an experimental mindset offers the best strategy for leading in a crisis. Melanie will talk about letting go of old reactive leadership patterns that get in the way and creating a new path as an experimental leader. This new leadership style will allow you as a leader to foster intentional creativity to creatively solve the challenges you are facing.

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