Presentation Skills Workshop Review: A Participant’s Experience

‘Last month, I attended Talk Boutique’s full-day workshop on the essentials of giving a powerful talk. Not knowing what to expect, I was nervous at first, as were a few people others in the room. We started by sharing our expectations for the day and filling a board with sticky notes. Looking at the board, I thought, there’s no way we will cover all of that in one day.

The focus of the workshop was how to become a better storyteller and how to deliver with impact. This is one of the most valuable skill sets any executive or entrepreneur can have. When I speak about marketing, I’m pretty confident; but when it comes to just about any other topic, my flight, fight or freeze response seems to activate. It turns out I wasn’t alone.

Everyone in the workshop shared a common goal of becoming better, more impactful speakers, and the exercises gave us the opportunity to get to know one another, and support, and learn from, each other.

It was a powerful combination of seeing it done live by the instructor, doing it ourselves, and getting live feedback and learning from other workshop participants.

Were we put on the spot at times? Yes! But I firmly believe that putting yourself in an uncomfortable position is what makes you grow, and the amount of openness and collaboration in the room made participation safe. The materials were professional and the space was inviting. The day flew by, and at the end of it we all had the framework for our talk and were armed with a new toolbox of strategies, techniques, and tips to make us better presenters. Not only did we manage to cover every sticky note on the board, we also had fun doing it!

I would highly recommend signing up for Talk Boutique’s next StoryBuilding and Performance for Presenters Workshop – you’ll be glad you did.’

Lauralee Guthrie

For more reasons to sign up, read our blog on why you should attend our storybuilding workshop and join us at our next one.

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