Salon Recap: The Future of Work

Thank you to everyone who joined us at our fourth Salon on February 22, 2017, to ponder and discuss our question of the evening: “Being unreasonable will shape the future of work, but can we tolerate it?”

Hosted at the beautiful Mistura Restaurant’s Sopra Upper Lounge, over 150 attendees were treated to the insights of our two speakers: Marianne Lefever, Innovation Strategist and Futurist at Reshape Innovation and Dr. Mary Donohue, best-selling author and CEO of Donohue Learning. These seasoned speakers both gave insightful and provocative talks that truly opened our eyes to the challenges and opportunities we collectively face as we enter a new age within the workplace.

Marianne, spoke about the importance of radical and unreasonable innovation in a world where our environmental resources are quickly depleting. Discussing the state of our planet given the business models we current operate within. Marianne urged attendees to rethink incremental change and move towards fostering work environments that support dramatically sustainable innovation. She gave us examples of organizations who are already radically rethinking how they work and inspired us to do the same.

Dr. Mary, outlined the silent crisis facing the workplace – lack of, or active, disengagement. To help us understand where this disengagement began, she provided an overview of the different cultural expectations Boomers, Gen Xers and Millennials have within the workplace. She outlined by adapting communication styles to match each of the generations, leaders will be able to consistently engage employees across the board and she reminded us of the power of communications, something we often forget in our tech-heavy lives. Dr. Mary positioned the coming shift as Boomers leave the workplace and Gen X finally takes its leadership position, outlining the challenges it faces as the smallest of the three generational cohorts.

Inspired and engaged by these powerful speakers, attendees were challenged to discuss and debate The Future of Work. Both Dr. Mary and Marianne actively participated in the many, many conversations that ensued. The room was literally buzzing with fascinating conversations as attendees discussed what they had heard continuing to enjoy beautiful wine and food. We were all inspired to think differently about our next meeting, strategic planning session or business venture. A rich evening with much to continue to think on, discuss and ponder. We will post video’s from the evening in the coming weeks.

A special thank you to our generous sponsor, Mark Tinnerman of Tinnerman Wealth Group, BMO Nesbitt Burns, for helping make this night a success. We would also like to thank Marianne and Dr. Mary for sharing their knowledge and helping inspire truly meaningful conversations.

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We look forward to our next conversation.

Nick & Andrea
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