Salon Recap: Truth, Lies & Complicity

Thank you to everyone who joined us at our third salon on November 3, 2016, to ponder and discuss our question of the evening: “Does our insatiable appetite for facts and information drive us to lose sight of what’s true? Does the truth even exist or matter?” If you weren’t able to make it, here is our salon recap.

Generously hosted in the beautiful offices of Wealthsimple, over 100 people were treated to the views of our three speakers: Randy VanDerStarren, Lisa Taylor and Robert Steiner. A number of key themes emerged: the truth is subjective, it depends upon your context, your emotional state and in some cases your physical view of the world.

Each speaker gave an engaging, provocative talk that truly made us think. Randy used his stunning photography as a filter for which to expand our perception of “facts and the realities they hold” in relation to our world and our own personal responsibilities. Lisa asserted that science looks at truth and, in fact, life, less like a puzzle to be solved but rather as a mystery for which we become aware of clues that lead us along a path of discovery. So the truth, in this case, is a personal discovery.

Robert’s talk shed a light on the implications of the discourse going on around the US election. He posited that emotions play a much deeper role in what we believe to be true. Given the emotional state of the two Presidential candidates, it was Robert’s contention that the election could easily be won by the candidate who was creating a stronger emotional appeal for change. In retrospect, Robert was proved prophetic.

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Following the speakers’ talks, lively discussion ensued; one attendee stated “…this new perspective on truth helps me look at my business differently”, and yet another was overheard saying “…the way emotion influences what we perceive to be true has me questioning all sorts of things”. The evening held so many great conversations and connections, many that challenged perceptions of truth and what is true. It is safe to say we all came away changed by these great thinkers. On behalf of Talk Boutique and our guests, we send a thank you out to Randy, Lisa and Robert for sharing their perspectives!

Finally, thank you again to those who took the time to join us and engage in conversation. If you are interested in starting a conversation at our next salon, please subscribe to be notified when the date and topic become available, we are planning our next Salon for early 2017.

We look forward to our next conversation…

Nick & Andrea
Talk Boutique – Creating Intelligent Conversations

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