Speaker Study: Elon Musk

Recently, Nick & Andrea sat down to review Elon’s presentation at the Tesla 3 reveal. The goal of this speaker study wasn’t to point out everything that Elon did wrong, but rather show areas he could improve so that you can apply it to your future talks and presentations. Many can benefit from working with a speaker coach, even tech powerhouses like Elon Musk.

Enjoy the video!

Start Strong

When speaking at a meeting, conference or even when you’re unveiling the new Tesla Model 3, it’s important to start strong. Your first impression is what is going to capture your audience’s attention and keep them engaged. Be confident. Because if you aren’t, it will show in your delivery.

Clothes Should Contrast, Not Distract

Although it may seem trivial, how you dress can make or break your talk. In Elon’s case, his collar is distracting to the audience and makes them lose focus on what he is saying. Don’t wear clothing that makes you blend in to the background. Wear something that will make you stand out.

Know Your Statement of Purpose

Your statement of purpose is your starting point. Beyond simply telling your audience what you will be speaking about, your statement of purpose combines your topic with a sense of passion so you can connect with them on an emotional level.

Tell a Story

Starting your talk with a story and then connecting it to your statement of purpose allows your audience to journey with you. Explain the problem you experienced, the idea it evoked and finally, the solution. This is an effective way to grab your audience’s attention because after all, everyone loves an interesting story.

Practice. Repeat.

It’s important to practice your talk over and over again until you have it memorized. When you are on stage there are many factors that can make you lose focus, including nervousness. Prepare for this. Practice your talk in front of your speaker coach, friends, family, even your pet. Do this until you feel confident in your memorization and delivery.

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