Marianne Lefever

Innovation and Sustainability Strategist, Design Thinker

Marianne Lefever

Innovation and Sustainability Strategist, Design Thinker


Marianne Lefever is an innovation strategist with nearly 10 years of experience in climate mitigation and sustainable city design. She founded Reshape Innovation, an innovation facilitation company that is on a mission to spread real change and innovation in organizations and actively contribute to a new world.

Working in the innovation space on a daily basis, she experienced firsthand how big the gap is between where we want to be and what we’re doing to get there. Trying to close this gap, she searches for signs of unreasonable innovation and explores how she can use it in her work to help her clients change their perspective and act.

Marianne has a background in architecture and renewable energy and is a strong visual thinker. She has experience working as a structural engineer, a Management Executive at a real estate developer specialized in sustainable city design, and she manages the Building & Sites team at a renewable energy consultancy agency.

After living all over the globe, she landed in Toronto where she started Reshape Innovation. Reshape works out of Toronto with clients across Europe, the U.S., and Canda. Marianne uses powerful graphic tools to support the innovation processes she embarks on together with her clients.

Keynote Topic:

Will We Have the Courage to Innovate?

Humans are capable of unreasonable innovation, so what’s slowing us down? We know that massive change is required to create sustainability in a world of challenged resources and systems. However, what we like to call “innovation” is often just a different version of what we have always done. A better word for this is “incrementalism”.

Where incrementalism changes the symptoms of an issue, unreasonable innovation gets to the core. If we want to overcome the social, economic and environmental challenges we’re facing and really innovate for the win, we will have to gather the courage to recognize these challenges and embrace unreasonable innovation. We must dare to think differently and reframe how we see the problem if we want to come up with radical new solutions.