What is Truth?

Question asked: “We live in a world where what we believe to be fact is disproven daily. From the claims of our leaders, to breakthroughs in science, to long believed theories that are now being debunked. We are living in times of change and upheaval, so how do we navigate?”

Salon: Convergence or Conflict?

Question asked: “In a world of exponential technology where every system, every structure and even what it means to be human is being redefined, is the convergence of technology the holy grail that propels us toward an abundant future; or, is it a catalyst for conflict, unleashing unknown consequences.”

Salon: Diversity … or Empathy?

Question asked: “Are diversity and inclusion conversations actually a symptom of a much larger problem… a society lacking in, yet desperately seeking empathy?”

Salon: Answers vs. Questions

Question asked: In order to preserve our humanity do we need to focus less on the invention of new technology and focus more on the creation of provocative questions?

Salon: The Other ‘F’ Word, Failure

Question asked: The wisdom of learning from failure is incontrovertible, yet we avoid it at all costs. Why do most fear it? Should we embrace it? Either way, what’s at stake?

Salon: The Future of Work

Question asked: Being unreasonable will shape the future of work, but can we tolerate it?

Salon: Truth, Lies & Complicity

Question asked: Does our insatiable appetite for facts and information drive us to lose sight of what’s true?

Salon: Digital vs Traditional Community

Question asked: Does our desire for digital change our definition of community?


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