Book Club: #TalkBoutiqueReads

Join us as we read books book inspiring authors who encourage us to learn. We will announce the new book during the first week of the month.

Take part in the conversation by using the hashtag, #TalkBoutiqueReads.

Wire Your Brain for Confidence

November 2017

Wire Your Brain for Confidence,
The Science of Conquering Self Doubt

Louisa Jewell

Factoring Humanity

September/October 2017

Factoring Humanity
Robert J. Sawyer

The Originals

Summer 2017

The Originals
Adam Grant

Do you ever feel like you just don’t fit in? Are you always striving and agonizing to figure out a better way? Are you labeled as a contrarian or a troublemaker? Are you afraid to take risks and always feel like everybody around you does a much better job of being brave and putting their ideas out in the world? Guess what… you’re an Original.

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June 2017

Everyone’s An Artist
Ron Tite, Scott Kavanauh and Christopher Novais

Do you feel like the business world does not allow you to express your creative side? Worse yet, do you think that you don’t have a creative side? Everyone’s an Artist is about finding and embracing your inner artist.

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May 2017

The Beauty of Discomfort
Amanda Lang

In May, we here at Talk Boutique decided to focus on the theme of failure and added Amanda Lang’s The Beauty of Discomfort as a part of our #TalkBoutiqueReads book club. It’s a fitting topic for the theme, as the failure can create so much discomfort that we will often avoid it at all costs.

I received many valuable insights from this book, but here are my top three:

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Exponential Organizations

April 2017

Exponential Organizations
Salim Ismail