Summer 2017 News & Events Part 1

Summer is about spending time with friends and family creating new stories to tell around the bonfires. This is why this summer is all about storytelling at Talk Boutique.

Here are some things we have going on this summer:

  • Register for our performance workshop on August 16, 2017.
  • Particpate in our book club by picking up, borrowing or downloading a copy of The Originals by Adam Grant
  • Visit Randy VanDerStarren’s photograpy exhibit, Take Your Seat, Canada
  • Pre-order Louisa Jewell’s book, Wire Your Brain for Confidence
  • Watch the talks from our last Salon Series & save the date for the next event on September 27!

We hope your summer is off to a great start!

Workshop: Performance Skills for Speakers and Presenters

Friday, August 16, 2017 | 12:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Do you often present or speak in public? Do you wish you were more confident in your performance ability – know how and when to move, use your body, gesture and vocal intonation to enhance your content? This half-day workshop will focus on improving your body language, vocal skills and techniques to help you appear cool, confident and engaged during any presentation or talk.

Performance Skills Workshop

Participants of this half day workshop will learn:

  • Body language – what you body is saying might be different from what you mean
  • The impact of status and how to use it for maximum efficiency
  • How your voice and the choices you make affect how people engage
  • Being present on stage, what this looks like and what it doesn’t
  • Tips and tricks for remembering your talk with minimal use of visuals

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The Originals

Book Club

The Originals

Join us this month as we read The Originals by Adam Grant. At the end of the month we will provide you with our own book review. Please join the conversation by using #TalkBoutiqueReads on Twitter and Facebook.

Take Your Seat, Canada

Take Your Seat, Canada

This month, Talk Boutique speaker, Randy VanDerStarren will displaying his photography exhibit, Take Your Seat, Canada. To view the exhibit visit Henry’s Flagship store (119 Church St, Toronto) from July 3-31 and City Hall’s Rotunda (100 Queen St W, Toronto) from July 24-31. We highly recommend adding this to your summer to-do list – you won’t be disappointed!

Learn more about Take Your Seat, Canada.

Wire Your Brain for Confidence

Wire Your Brain for Confidence

By Louisa Jewell

Congratulations to Talk Boutique Speaker, Louisa Jewell on the completion of her first book! Wire Your Brain for Confidence will be ready for pre-order later this month.

Sign up for Louisa’s newsletter to be notified when pre-order becomes available.

Salon Series

Salon Series Talks

The Other ‘F’ Word

If you missed our last Salon Series, The Other ‘F’ Word, the videos are now available for viewing online!

Save the Date!

Our next Salon will take place on Wednesday, September 27, 2017.

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