Talk Boutique is Excited to Welcome Louisa Jewell to Our Speaker Roster

Talk Boutique is excited to welcome Louisa Jewell to our speaker roster. Louisa is a positive psychology expert, founder of the Canadian Positive Psychology Association, and author of Wire Your Brain for Confidence; The Science of Conquering Self-Doubt.

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One-on-One With Louisa

Louisa, you have spoken to thousands of people in the workforce. What do you say to them to help them create positive cultures and to feel more engaged at work?

Creating a positive culture in any organization can be one of the most important things leaders can do. The research shows that every single business outcome is predicted by a level of positivity. For example, if you look at positive employees versus negative employees, positive employees are better at keeping their jobs and they show as much as 31% higher productivity over negative employees. They are more resilient, take fewer sick days, suffer from less burnout and less turnover. Positive employees are perceived as more charismatic and trustworthy, which results in higher levels of sales. Positive employees even make more money. What I share with leaders and teams about creating positive culture are evidence-based strategies and practices that leverage positivity for higher levels of performance, well-being and happiness.

Tell us a little about your book, Wire Your Brain for Confidence; The Science of Conquering Self-Doubt and what (or who) was the source or your inspiration.

I always felt that confidence and happiness went hand in hand. I was always a confident person overall, but I was stopping myself from going after my bigger goals and dreams. I would stop myself from taking risks or speaking up in meetings, even when I really wanted to. When I completed my master’s degree in Applied Positive Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, I learned about a kind of confidence that gets people into action. I learned not only how to be confident, but how to change my behavior and the behavior of others to move happily towards desired goals. My whole life changed for the better. I was so excited about it, I knew I had to share that formula with the world.

You’ve mentioned that people need real strategies and techniques to “bounce back” from any situation. Do you have a favourite example of a company or an individual you’ve helped overcome a challenge?

A sales manager who attended one of my Wire Your Brain for Confidence workshops was surprised by how many people on her team admitted to feeling low in confidence. One salesperson was her bottom performer. She took two techniques from my book and used it to coach this salesperson. He gave the techniques a try and literally he was her top performer the following week. Once leaders learn that it is all about managing people’s energy, they can tap into the motivation that drives business results.

What’s an accomplishment that you are proudest of?

I think it’s founding the Canadian Positive Psychology Association. We invite researchers and practitioners from around the world to share their knowledge on this important topic. The general public still does not know so much of the research and application that allows people to stay psychologically healthy and happy. Business consultants and leaders are learning more and more about how to apply this knowledge to achieve optimal performance in their organizations. It’s an exciting time to be sharing this knowledge. I’m passionate about giving people the tools they need to truly flourish in their lives.

Meet Louisa

Louisa brings together leading-edge researchers and practitioners from around the world to study and understand where human potential, success, and happiness intersect. Her hugely successful national conferences draws an international audience of leaders in this field.

As a leading world expert on positive organizations and founder of the Canadian Positive Psychology Association, Louisa has spoken to thousands of people including (Fortune 500 companies) to help them create positive cultures that propel success. In her own humorous style, Louisa teaches organizations how to increase happiness, resilience, and meaningful work.

Louisa teaches positive psychology at the University of Texas-Dallas and regularly delivers webinars and workshops to audiences around the world. Her work has been featured in Forbes, The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Huffington Post, Canadian Living Magazine, Chatelaine, Psychology Today, the Toronto Sun, and many more publications.

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