David Bastedo

Canadian Music Photographer (Tragically Hip)

David Bastedo

Canadian Music Photographer (Tragically Hip)


David Bastedo

David Bastedo is a superb and innovative image maker and has been the exclusive photographer for the Tragically Hip joining them on their journeys including their historic Farewell Tour in 2016. He shoots with an eye for the unusual and produces evocative and powerful images. While traveling and shooting for various bands, David also spent 18+ years in the conceptualization, development and execution of digital content. Previously, David was Partner and Creative Technologist at Gravity Partners, a Digital Strategy Design firm.

His passion for music has enabled him to travel across North America and Europe documenting and creating content for Canadian bands such as The Tragically Hip, The Trews, Sam Roberts Band, Paul Langlois and Gord Downie. His work has been featured in these selected publications: The Toronto Star, The New York Times , FYI Music News, London Free Press, Huffington Post Canada, Hamilton Spectator, The Globe and Mail, The Hill Times, CBC, Calgary Herald, Halifax Magazine, Billboard, Infopresse, Winnipeg Free Press, Maclean’s.

David Bastedo is an individualist, a free thinker, and an iconoclast. His experience ranges from bringing original digital and technological solutions to businesses to capturing the power and creativity expressed by talented artists in city stadiums. The reality is, David doesn’t fit the mold. He creates new ones, time and again.

Keynote Topic:

Embrace the Unexpected

In his talk, David speaks to audiences about the three key drivers that have helped shape his eclectic and successful career and can help them in theirs.

  1. Be Driven by Passion
    Yes, one must be driven, but first, you must determine the passion which will drive you forward. Being driven by passion takes you further than you can imagine. For David, it took him across Canada, time and again, as the official photographer for Canada’s band, The Tragically Hip.
  2. Embrace Continual Learning
    Curiosity is key and David helps people embrace the curious side of life by illustrating how it makes life much more interesting and can create some unexpected results.
  3. Be Open to Opportunity
    This doesn’t mean always being on the lookout for the next prospect. It is a mindset of openness so that the opportunities can find you. And you can identify potential, hidden opportunities.

David Bastedo will show you how to navigate the ups, downs and embrace the unexpected opportunities that will come your way. You just have be ready for them.


You don’t need to be a huge Tragically Hip fan to love David Bastedo’s talk. Being guided through the Hip’s last tour, and specifically a day-in-the-life, by the photographer who is both their friend and a professional colleague is an incredible journey. David is probably used to his images speaking for him — a picture is worth a thousand words and his are masterpieces — but his narration was gripping. I loved every minute of it. – Allison Hunt, HATCH Research Intelligence Inc.

I could have listened to him for hours.

Way to go, David! Your speech was so fun, beautiful and impressive even it was the first time for you!

David told a warm and wonderful story – he made me laugh and cry!

Very engaging speaker. I was very touched by his emotion and ability to transform his grief into positive reflection.

I have no words other than simply amazing.