StoryBuilding and Performance for Presenters

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Studies have shown that developing clear content and knowing how to comfortably present it will enhance your career AND make your business or personal speaking opportunities more powerful.

This workshop will provide you with the frameworks of how to write and present powerful and engaging presentations or talks that will give you the confidence to get up and deliver YOUR own talk or business presentation with ease.

Participants of this full-day workshop will learn:

  • The essentials of giving a powerful talk
  • How to use story/metaphor/analogy as tools to create an understanding and lasting impact
  • A proven framework that can be used to develop any presentation long or short
  • Body language – what your body is saying might be different from what you actually mean
  • The impact of status and how to use it for maximum efficiency
  • How your voice and the choices you make affect how people engage
  • Being present on stage, what this looks like and what it doesn’t
  • Tips and tricks for remembering your talk with minimal use of visuals

Did you know presenting is a learned skill? Anyone can do it effectively, you just need the right framework for your content and your delivery.

Talk Boutique has coached hundreds of people from entrepreneurs, to TED Talk Speakers, to CEOs from Fortune 500s. Heck, we’ve even coached people uncomfortable with speaking. We have combined two of our most powerful workshops into an intensive one day experience that will be a game changer for your presentations.

This workshop is a MUST attend for anyone who is interested in speaking publicly or who gives business or personal presentations on a regular basis. It will definitely change the way you approach writing and preparing for your talks.

Have a presentation coming up? Build your presentation in class!  And that’s not all, you will learn how and when to move around your stage, communicate body language confidently, use gestures and vocal intonation to powerfully engage your audience in this full-day workshop.

We keep our workshops small and intimate so live coaching is included. Snacks, coffee, tea, and water provided throughout the day. There are limited spots available and now is your chance to sign up!

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