International Women’s Day – Women Speakers Making a Difference

Talk Boutique is Proud to be Representing Our Women Speakers on International Women’s Day, and Every Day

Women’s voices have gone unheard for too long, on this International Women’s Day Talk Boutique is incredibly honoured to represent so many exceptional women on our speaker roster. These talented and skilled change-makers represent many different industries, interests, and sectors, allowing for a female perspective at your next event or session. It’s time for powerful women to share their powerful messages, help us in getting their voices heard!

In a world where many women continue to be silenced, what better way to find your voice than to speak professionally about your own accomplishments?

Today, and every day, we’re proud to showcase the powerful women we represent, who are advancing not only their fields of interest but the role women play in changing the world:

Jodi Kovitz and Tania DeSa are impacting the way we think about diversity and inclusion and helping to change the decisions we make on the road to achieving a fully-inclusive workplace and society. Jodi and her team have already made a huge impact on their mission to #movethedial and advance women in the tech sector.

Jill McAbe, Tanya Chernova, and Louisa Jewell work in the field of neuropsychology, helping us to understand how we can create the outcomes we want, professionally and personally by understanding and harnessing how our brains work.

Molly Shoichet and Rhea Mehta are scientists working at the forefront of the biomedical field, moving away from traditional diagnostics and treatments to working in the area of regenerative medicine and preventative therapies that will provide us with new ways to sustain our health and eventually to live longer lives.

Lisa Taylor and Mary Donohue help us to understand how today’s multi-generational workforce requires a new management style. They explore how teams and individuals can be more effective and create deeper engagement through appropriate communication and motivation techniques.

Finally, our speakers Karen Ward and Marianne Lefever work at the intersection of curiosity, innovation and sustainability showing us that a new future is possible when we imagine new ways of thinking about and approaching our everyday tasks.

At Talk Boutique, when we think about #InternationalWomensDay, we look at the powerful, inspirational women that we represent and we see a different world emerging – one in which we, as women, have an equal voice to men, and where all people reap the rewards of fully-integrated cultural and gender diversity.

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