TalkBoutique Welcomes Ozioma Egwuonwu to the Roster!

Talk Boutique is excited to welcome Ozioma Egwuonwu to our speaker roster. She is the founder of BurnBright International.

As a strategic advisor, Ozioma consults on complex strategic problems and transformational initiatives for a diverse array of clients, including government’s, Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, small business owners, and personal and leadership development clients seeking to tap into a higher order of excellence and deliver dynamic breakthrough results.

Ozioma inspires leaders to adapt, prepare for, and create the future.

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What’s an accomplishment that you are proud of?

During the course of my professional journey, I have experienced many accomplishments, including having taught at top educational institutions and spoken at places like the United Nations, etc. I have also had the honor of having created pivotal platforms that have positively impacted the lives of people all over the planet. For me, however, I believe that the accomplishment that I am most proud of is my ability to care. To still be able to Dream Big for myself and the rest of humanity. I believe in US! I believe that no matter how dire things may seem at times, the power that shines within humanity will continue to ignite new possibilities. Those possibilities will also need Dreamers who DO and I am proud to be one of them!

Describe a significant challenge you experienced during the course of your career and how you resolved it. What lessons did you learn in the process?

After having left the corporate world for some time, I decided that I would like to experience what it was like to work on the ground level contributing to the transformation of a single community. It felt great to make a difference. However, over time I found myself beginning to absorb and succumb to some of the entrenched adverse behaviors of the community that did not serve me. I had to take a powerful pause. I developed a powerful process of re-engaging a higher purpose when all seems lost. That process changed my life and transformed my business and now I infuse the wisdom I learn on the ground level in a number of my talks and training and people love it because it shows the importance of how our words must also align with our actions. That life experience taught me a lot about how important integrity and alignment truly are.

How did mentors influence your life? What’s one core message you received from your mentors?

I had the honor of being mentored by many wonderful individuals along my journey. Each one has helped me grow in different ways. One of my most impactful mentors was Dr. Jean Houston, one of the principal figures of the Human Potential Movement. A core message that she constantly instilled upon me was that humans beings are capable of so much more than we give ourselves permission to become. She always reminded me that when we speak to and/or engage the highest possibility within someone, that is what will begin to activate within them.  I have found that to be true. When I deliver talks, training, and consultations, I acknowledge and address the challenges, but I speak to and engage the highest possibility that exists within my audience. Within the individual and the collective, as a result, people begin to feel possibilities begin to stir within them and become primed to begin to move towards turning the possibilities they see into reality.

If you had to start over from scratch, knowing what you know now, what would you do differently?

I would get clear on my greater purpose and begin identifying strategic partnerships that will help me carry out that mission, In the early days, I believed that I as a leader had to do so much alone. Over time, I began to realize that if I wanted to truly move the world, it must be done in concert with others. Now, I have the great fortune of creating meaningful impact around the world through my constellation of strategic partnerships. For this realization, I am very grateful. True greatness is achieved in collaboration with others.

What is the last business book you read?

Exponential Transformation  by Francisco Palao, Michelle Lapierre, and Salim Ismail 

What made you decide to start BurnBright? 

BurnBright was created to support global transformation. The way we achieve this is through helping individuals, businesses, communities, and organizations develop and activate their capacities at the highest levels.

This is done primarily through strategic consultations, keynotes talks, transformational training, and coaching sessions based on a variety of transformational strategies I have developed over the past 15 years.

Over time as the use cases for our company grew, I’ve had the honor of having served a variety of leaders, businesses, organizations, and communities. I’ve coached and consulted with mayors, and even developed programs for school districts, as well as change initiatives for the entire global network. The diversity of this work has really enhanced the spectrum of services, as well as the depth, breadth, and richness of the value we provide. When we’re brought into companies or to work with private clients, that experience comes along into every engagement

I believe that within every individual, business, community, and, organization, there exists a wealth of potential.  BurnBright was created with the expressed intention of helping that potential becomes realized and of benefit to the world.

By transforming the way we approach the possibility itself, we can enter into a new reality that was once thought absolutely impossible.

This is the time for each of us, individually and collectively, to Reimagine Possibility in every domain and sector that exists on this planet. As we reimagine and reinvent, we plant more sustainable seeds and advance towards a brighter future.

The need for BurnBright is stronger today than when I first created it.


In my long experience of having known and worked with some of the “greats” of our time, I can say in all fairness that Ozioma belongs in that company. Her solutions are startling in their brilliance and effectiveness. She brings both depth and breadth, wisdom, and compassion.

~Jean Houston, World-Renowned Transformational Leader & Co-Founder of the Human Potential Movement

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