Betty Ferreira

Future of Good, Social Impact & Foresight

Betty Ferreira

Future of Good, Social Impact & Foresight


Betty Ferreira

Betty Ferreira is the founder of Goodcasting.  As a Foresight Strategist, Futurist and Keynote Speaker, Betty inspires leaders to adapt, prepare for, and create the future.

Betty’s purpose is to inspire government, corporations and non-profits to adopt business models, values and mindsets that will accelerate a future of good for humanity.  She is currently writing a book on foresight, AI and humanity for leaders of social impact initiatives.

Betty has 28 years’ experience with transforming organizations and government to help them to achieve a social impact. As a former CEO of non-profit-organizations and as a consultant strategist she has worked with hundreds of organizations.

As a speaker and trainer Betty has spoken to and taught thousands of individuals that are inspired to create a future of good. Betty is a gifted speaker, her audiences find her thought-provoking, humorous and inspiring. Known for creating many “A-Ha!” moments in her speaking engagements, audiences find that Betty has the rare ability to synthesize technical complex information and communicating it in a clear, useful and systematic way.

Betty has a background that includes a master’s certificate black belt in Lean Six Sigma; she is trained in foresight, futurism, human-centered design, agile and blockchain and is a member of the Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario since 2013.  She received the designation of Fellow by CPA Ontario in 2018.

By combining her diverse background in foresight, finance, data, and technology with her years of experience working with organizations that are striving to make the world a better place, Betty has gained a unique lens on the challenges and opportunities in creating a future of good.

Keynote Topics:

The Technology Megashifts Transforming our Society
The exponential pace of advancements in technology is radically transforming companies, industries, and the markets. We are also starting to see the signals and tipping points that are shaping society and those that are will likely fundamentally transform it. What are the new mega shifts? What are the signals and tipping points? Will our government, cities and communities be “smart”? Will the future be good for humanity?

Future Now Foresight Mindset
The future is now. We are living in exponential times but our history, our genetic code, and even our government and corporate processes are wired to operate incrementally. Understanding the 6Ds of disruption and the exponential pace of change and how technology is being used in science, corporate strategies and in society is critical not only to thrive but to survive. But while great shifts in your business model and how you communicate your purpose are required, the greatest shift required is one of mindset, a “future now foresight” mindset in particular.

Will Technology Make Us More Human?
Every industry, every sector, every company is undergoing transformation. Even what it means to be human is changing. The exponential rise in technology is impacting society and humanity. On one hand, people are feeling increasingly isolated, addicted to social media, and overwhelmed with technology in general while on the other they are feeling more alive and connected than ever before. It’s still early days in this new era, our cyber world and the fourth industrial revolution. Will technology overwhelm us and make us redundant? Or will technology serve to make us more human and accentuate humanity?

Inspiring a Future of Good for All
The future is still to be written. Will this new exponential pace of technology and new mindsets and business models widen the inequality gap, concretize bias and entrench poverty? Will robotization, virtualization, cognification and machine learning help or harm our progress toward a future of good? I suggest an agreement on the value of humanity, the focus on the common good of individual interests, and embracing principled leadership are critical to creating a future that is good for all and not just some.

Disrupting Good – The New Business Models, Technology and Mindsets of “Doing Good”
If you think technology and the mega shifts are only disrupting for-profit companies, think again. Not-for-profit and charitable organizations are not immune. I will show you examples and break down the what, how, why, when and where “doing good” is being disrupted (for good and for bad) and the importance of a “future now foresight” mindset to understand, embrace and leverage disruption to strengthen the social impact of your initiatives.

It’s Windy Out There! Leadership in Times of Change
How can you navigate the future when so much is unknown and the pace of change is so fast? How can you be a confident leader that employees, the board and external stakeholders look to and trust to navigate in times of significant volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity? I propose that the very root cause of this uncertainty can be the most effective leadership trait. Find out what P.A.C.E is all about and how it can make you a more effective, confident and respected leader.

Fiscal Foresight
Resilience and financial planning in the midst of so much volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity is challenging, to say the least. Coming from 28 years of experience in strategic and financial restructuring and business modelling, I will share fundamental tips on how to bring finance from hindsight to insight to foresight to strengthen the resilience and impact of your organization.

Charity and Not-for-Profit v4.0
The concept of “doing good” – helping those most vulnerable and defending the value of human dignity and the common good – has taken many forms since the beginning of time: first the tribe (v1.0), then the church, temple, or mosque (v2.0), to most recently the institution (v3.0). Institutionalization of “doing good” worked for a while but the current model is quickly becoming outdated, is rigid, is reactive, and focused too much on “serve” and not enough on “solve”. This talk will explore the signals and trends that are shaping a new era: Not-for-Profit and Charity v4.0.