TEDx Speakers We Have Coached

Andrew Peek

Brendan Frey

Canadian Opera Company

David Fleet

Darren Austin Hall & Alexandria

Derek Kent

Andrea’s help and perspective on crafting my TEDxToronto talk was invaluable. She has all the right skills – the curiosity and desire to understand content, a natural gift with narrative, and a keen sense of her audience.

Joel MacCharles

Jordan Axani

Keith Vanderlinde

Margot Taylor

Mark Bowden

Mary Donohue

I had the very good fortune of having Andrea coach me through a TEDxToronto presentation last year, her mentoring was flawless, guiding my narrative without forcing anything. I honestly can’t say enough good things about the experience, and would recommend her without hesitation to colleagues in a similar position.

Dr. Molly Shoichet

Natalie Panek

Neil Pasricha

Nina Arsenault

Nina Mažar

Robert Binet

Even Tiger Woods has a coach! That’s why when I need help pushing my speaking to the highest levels possible — keeping me on my best game in front of any audience, I turn to Andrea Sampson. She is one of the few coaches I trust and will listen to when it comes to helping me give my best performance. – Mark Bowden

Rodolphe el-Khoury

Ryan Janzen

Salim Ismail

Sonny Kohli

Tarek Ibrahim

I thoroughly enjoyed working with my coach. He was not shy about giving me critical feedback, but did it in a way that was productive and effective. He gave me great advice on content and delivery for my TEDxToronto talk. It was fantastic to work with him and I’m happy to recommend him highly. – Dr. Molly Shoichet