What Our Clients Are Saying

A Few Words From Those We Have Coached

Anthony von Mandl

You were such a pleasure to work with, and I learned a great deal from you. I have no doubt the presentation turned out the way it did because of all your efforts and on top of that, it helped me make it a fun and really enjoyable experience.​

Anthony von Mandl, CEO – Mark Anthony Group

Mark Bowden

Even Tiger Woods has a coach! That’s why when I need help pushing my speaking to the highest levels possible — keeping me on my best game in front of any audience, I turn to Andrea Sampson. She is one of the few coaches I trust and will listen to when it comes to helping me give my best performance.

Mark Bowden, Internationally renown keynote speaker and speaking coach to Fortune 100 CEOs and G8 Leaders.

Jeremy Miller

Connecting with an audience and delivering a great keynote is a craft. There’s nothing accidental about it. That’s why I work with Andrea Sampson. She has helped me transform my performance. She pushes my ideas, and helps me organize them in a way that will resonate with my audiences. I highly recommend her.

Jeremy Miller, Professional Speaker, Author and Marketing Professional

David J. Fleet

Andrea’s help and perspective on crafting my TEDxToronto talk was invaluable. She has all the right skills – the curiosity and desire to understand content, a natural gift with narrative, and a keen sense of her audience.

David J. Fleet, Senior Fellow, Canadian Institute for Advanced Research and Professor, Department of Computer Science, University of Toronto

Keith Vanderlinde

I had the very good fortune of having Andrea coach me through a TEDxToronto presentation last year, her mentoring was flawless, guiding my narrative without forcing anything. I honestly can’t say enough good things about the experience, and would recommend her without hesitation to colleagues in a similar position.

Keith Vanderlinde, Assistant Professor, Dunlap Institute for Astronomy & Astrophysics, Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics, University of Toronto

Randy VanDerStarren

I’ve been making speeches all my life. Countless presentations coupled with lectures to my kids had me thinking I knew what I was doing. Andrea, despite all my bad habits, made me a better speaker. Better because she showed me how to tell human stories. Better because I learned to become more vulnerable. Connecting with people, truly connecting, making a large audience feel they are an audience of one, is a rare talent.”

Thanks to Talk Boutique, I’m at least aware now how difficult but also how satisfying that connection can be.

Randy VanDerStarren, Take Your Seat

Marianne Lefever

In working with Andrea/Talk Boutique I’ve found a partner who challenges my thinking and pushes me to strip my message to its core. She helped me build and strengthen my own story and then gave me the tools and confidence to put it out there. I highly recommend her.

Marianne Lefever

Louisa Jewell

I have been speaking for many years but I recently launched a book and I turned to Andrea Sampson to help me formulate a new kind of talk on the subject of my book. She is really an amazing speaking coach who has taken my speaking abilities to the next level. She knows how to connect to a crowd and what appeals to an audience. I found her advice and guidance invaluable and would highly recommend her to anyone.

Louisa Jewell

Amy Tepperman

Immediately after I found out I was going to be doing a TEDx Talk, I planned to contact Andrea. Andrea far exceeded my expectations. She was great at fully understanding my message and guiding me to deliver it in a unique and captivating way. I was impressed with her attention to detail not just in the content, but body language and delivery.

Amy Tepperman

What Our Workshop Participants Are Saying

  • Loved how interactive the class format was and the material was very accessible.
  • It provided great tools that we immediately implemented, and it certainly got us out of us comfort zone yet at the same time made us feel we could do it.
  • Tremendous value plus fun! Intend to follow up with more training and one-on-one assistance and coaching.