Patricia Andraos

Patricia Andraos is an explorer with over 20 years of learning, experiencing, growing and guiding others to do the same.

She’s guided the development of hundreds of presentations for a range of audiences, both live and online, and become an expert on engagement, resulting in the co-creation of a neuromarketing consultancy that specializes in optimizing customer engagement opportunities within live events.

This includes exploring engagement through the creation of multiple marketing strategies and live corporate events for Fortune 500 companies including the pharmaceutical, automotive, technology, retail and finance sectors. This included a focus on the neuroscience of engagement and developing experiences to strategically promote higher engagement and better learning and retention through neuroscience.

Now as a Power Skills & Performance Coach, Patricia uses her extensive expertise to guide others to explore effective and engaging communication techniques for business and personal growth, instilling the confidence and power skills needed for successful presentations and business advancement.