Say “Goodbye Imposter, Hello Thought Leader!”

Hosted by Andrea Sampson,
Talk Boutique Founder & CEO, Executive Speaker Coach

In order to step into your thought leadership, it takes doing the inner work of understanding your core values, beliefs, and message. It also requires overcoming limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from showing up as a leader. This is a process that requires ongoing self-reflection, learning, and growth.

Let’s explore how self-doubt and the limiting beliefs you hold about yourself affect your leadership mindset and your ability to show up as a leader. We’ll also consider how you imagine others see you and how this affects your mindset.

As leaders, our perspective is essential in everything we do, and our mindset determines how we show up with that perspective. By doing the inner work to develop a healthy perspective, we can maintain a leadership mindset that helps us overcome unconscious biases and communicate effectively.

You have ideas that can make a positive impact on the world… But somehow, you can’t seem to get the traction that you need.

How would your world be different if:

  • More people were excited about and actively supported your vision?
  • People recognized you as a go-to thought leader in your industry
  • Media routinely turned to you to ask for your expertise?
  • You had dramatically more opportunities to share your vision and story?
  • More colleagues and clients used you as a resource to solve their biggest challenges?

Becoming recognized as a Thought Leader will accelerate your success, increase your impact, and grow your influence within your industry and the world around you.

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