Rhea Mehta, Ph.D.

Molecular Toxicologist, Optimal Health Coach, Patient Data Safety Advocate

Rhea Mehta, Ph.D.

Molecular Toxicologist, Optimal Health Coach, Patient Data Safety Advocate


Rhea Mehta

Rhea Mehta, PhD is an environmental toxicologist, integrative health coach and healthcare innovator who is committed to helping people unlock their healthiest potential and live a more joyful life. She has over 10 years experience working as an entrepreneur and thought leader at the intersection of science, health technology, and holistic medicine. Rhea holds a PhD in Molecular Toxicology and Nutritional Biochemistry from the University of Toronto and a Bachelor’s in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Waterloo with over 15 scientific publications. She also holds a certificate in integrative health coaching from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Rhea is the co-founder of Bowhead Health, a cutting-edge Canadian company leveraging blockchain and smart contract technology to help individuals safely track, own and manage their health and wellness data. Rhea’s also the founder of Global Smoothie Day, an inclusive wellness movement aimed at making the adoption of a nutritious, plant-based smoothie lifestyle feel achievable and exciting.

Rhea is a current practitioner at the Canadian Center for Integrative Health in Toronto, where she works with patients as part of an integrative care system to identify and eliminate toxins within their homes and lives that present as stress in the body and mind. She also helps patients seed short and long term health goals and design a flexible daily routine that enables these goals to come to life. Rhea is a featured member of the Mind Body Green Collective of global health and wellness experts, owing to her years writing for the platform and contributing as a thought leader in environmental toxicity. She also practices and teaches breathwork, mantra and kriya-kundalini yoga from the ancient Himalayan Vedantic Tradition.

Keynote Topic:

Decentralized Healthcare: Designing trust into technology

I believe patient data ownership should be a basic human right. Building privacy-enabled, trustless systems lays the foundation for a new era of digital health that centers patient agency, and is mutually beneficial for all stakeholders. This talk examines the philosophy and architecture of the decentralized technologies that enable patient data ownership, as well as the power that transparent, patient-consented data sharing, collection, and analysis can bring to the overall healthcare ecosystem. Data tells stories, and our ability to protect and learn from these longitudinal insights is the gateway to better health for all.

Living Clean in a Toxic World: An east meets west approach to healing, longevity and healthy living

Public awareness of climate change and the impact of emissions and chemicals on our planet has thankfully begun to spark systemic and behavioural changes, resulting in a more sustainably minded consciousness. Sadly, this rising consciousness may be neglecting how these toxins impact the health of our own precious human bodies. The aim of this talk is 2-fold: First, to shed light on the toxins of the 21st century that are silently burdening our bodies and contributing to the greatest current threat to global human health and welfare—chronic disease. Second, to empower individuals to take personal responsibility in avoiding and eliminating toxins from the body through proven nutritional and detoxification approaches, as well as ancient healing practices and daily habit building. It is my personal mission to challenge the societal belief that chronic disease is around the corner for the majority of us, and that low energy and obesity are merely a part of aging and the stressors of “modern life.” My intention is to inspire you to develop a committed, life-long practice of clean living that enhances life in every way.