Refining Your Voice, Amplifying Your Impact: October in The Thought Leader Academy

Welcome to a month of transformation at The Thought Leader Academy!

October brings a unique opportunity to refine your thought leadership skills and amplify your impact in the realms of influence and ideas. Our carefully curated sessions, led by industry experts, are tailor-made to elevate your presence as a thought leader.

Uncover the secrets to crafting a compelling core message, master the art of handling challenging questions, delve into the psychology of pricing, and optimize your offerings for maximum value. Each session is meticulously designed to empower you with the knowledge and strategies needed to stand out, resonate with your audience, and make a meaningful mark in the thought leadership arena.

Crafting Your Core Message: Revisiting & Refocusing Your Key Idea and Story

Group Coaching hosted by Andrea Sampson, CEO & Executive Speaker Coach

Thursday, October 5th

Hosted by Andrea Sampson, this 90-minute group coaching session is all about clarity. Your core message matters – refine it, understand who it’s for, and define what you want your audience to feel and think. Walk away with a defined idea and a target audience, setting the foundation for your thought leadership.

As a master storyteller and CEO of Talk Boutique, Andrea has leveraged her extensive background in marketing, advertising, and public speaking to help clients craft engaging stories and deliver impactful talks. As a TED-trained coach and key figure in bringing Singularity University to Canada, Andrea specializes in making technical and scientific content accessible while maintaining its credibility. Andrea’s unique expertise and passion for transforming the world of public speaking has positioned her as a sought-after executive coach for leaders and speakers worldwide.

Navigating Interviews & Panel Discussions: Mastering Challenging Questions and Sharing Perspectives

Group Coaching hosted by Ian Keeling, Senior Speaking Coach

Thursday, October 12th

Ian Keeling will host this 90-minute session, guiding you on handling challenging questions during interviews and panel discussions. Learn to reinforce your core message through your responses. Enhance your ability to craft impactful answers that resonate with your key storytelling and ideas.

Ian has coached for a wide range of speaking skills, from absolute beginner to executive level. He’s also been on the faculty at The Second City in Toronto for nearly two decades, teaching everything from improv to acting to sketch-writing and more. His years in the improv community make his sessions highly interactive and fun, while focusing specifically on team building, creativity and storytelling, and presentation skills. 

In over twenty years of corporate workshop facilitation, Ian has worked with hundreds of clients, including: Rolls Royce, Ernst and Young, Deloitte, Bell Canada, Moneris, Capital One, Alliance Atlantis, The Rotman School of Management, Y.E.S., The Canadian Cancer Society, and various municipal, provincial, and federal levels of government, and many more.

Understanding the Psychology of Pricing & Target Market Alignment for Thought Leaders

Group Coaching hosted by Andrea Reindl, brand strategist and founder of Legacy Creative.

Thursday, October 19th

Hosted by Andrea Reindl, this session delves into a critical aspect of thought leadership: pricing and target market alignment. Gain a framework to price your offerings effectively, making them irresistible to your ideal clients. Learn the art of simplicity in your offers while keeping them compelling for the right audience.

Andrea is on a mission to simplify complicated jargon that overpromises and instead pave a path for people with big ideas and the teams that support them to be able to bring their visions to life. She does this by creating a plan, adding timelines and budgets, and making it real. She and her team at Legacy Creative love to take chaos and tame it into common-sense business practices that are end-user-focused and rich in quality experiences.

In the past few years, Andrea & the Legacy Creative team have done things like double annual revenues for companies, set up new programs and products, hosted epic live events, and helped digital business owners create sustainable businesses. Andrea loves to work with high-performing people with big visions and turn those visions into a brand and a business.

Optimizing Your Offering: Pricing & Selling Your Signature Program

Group Coaching hosted by Andrea Reindl, brand strategist and founder of Legacy Creative.

Thursday, October 26th

Join Andrea Reindl in this 90-minute session to get answers to all your questions about pricing and packaging your signature program. Understand how to position your offer, tailor it to your ideal client, and bundle it effectively. Leave with the confidence to make your program a valuable asset.

Seize the Next 30 Days to Shape Your Influence!

In just one month, our October sessions promise to reshape your approach to thought leadership. Imagine crystallizing your core message, effortlessly steering through challenging questions, mastering the art of strategic pricing, and designing compelling offerings. These sessions are your toolkit for transformation, empowering you to make a marked difference in how you communicate and monetize your expertise. Embrace this journey with us and witness the profound impact a mere 30 days can have on your journey toward becoming an influential thought leader.

Sign up [here] and step into a realm of endless possibilities.

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