Elevate Your Thought Leadership: September in The Thought Leader Academy

Welcome to a month of transformation and empowerment within The Thought Leader Academy!

This September, we’re thrilled to present a series of engaging and enlightening group coaching sessions, designed to amplify your thought leadership potential. These sessions delve into critical aspects of thought leadership, equipping you with the knowledge and mindset to drive your ideas forward.

Branding Consistency & Branding: Fundamentals of Your Thought Leadership Presence

Group Coaching hosted by Laura Beauparlent, Founder of Lab Creative.

Thurs, Sept 7

Are your branding, social media, website, and marketing materials speaking the same language? Join Laura Beauparlant in this interactive 90-minute session as she unveils the power of consistency in your branding execution. Gain insights into the fundamentals of thought leadership presence, aligning every touchpoint for a lasting impact.

Laura is an entrepreneur, a founder, a creative director, an author and a speaker. She is the Creative Director and founder at Lab Creative, the author of the best-selling book brand chemistry. She’s an expert in branding, specifically personal branding, helping us to understand how to bring our core values forward and use those in such a way that we are able to connect with our audiences and show all of who we are.

Mindset: Building the Confidence to Charge for your Ideas and your Time

Group Coaching hosted by Mariangelica Forero, Founder of Honest CEO.

Thurs, Sept 14

Confidence is key when it comes to valuing your ideas and time. Hosted by Mariangelica Forero, this 90-minute group coaching session explores the psychology behind selling your ideas and services. Uncover the barriers that hinder you, and learn actionable strategies to shift your mindset and confidently ask for what you deserve.

Mariangelica Forero is a certified mindset & business coach, educator, and international speaker. She helps professionals drop the baggage, embody abundance and achieve life-changing breakthroughs.

With over a decade of experience, Mariangelica has coached hundreds of professionals, helping them throw out the mind trash, go after their purpose and increase their courage and confidence in the process. Through her life-changing coaching programs, podcast, workshops, and luxury retreats, she offers powerful mindset shifts and strategies that help clients become new versions of themselves.

Monetizing Thought Leadership: Your Thought Leadership Business Model

Industry Expert Q&A with Andrea Sampson and Andrea Reindl.

Thurs, Sept 21

Money matters in thought leadership. In this 60-minute expert session featuring Andrea Reindl, we demystify the art of making money as a thought leader. Explore various business models, dissect their pros and cons, and learn how to craft a model that aligns seamlessly with your unique vision. Walk away with a framework tailored to your business aspirations.

Monetizing Thought Leadership: Outlining Your Signature Program

Group Coaching hosted by Andrea Reindl, brand strategist and founder of Legacy Creative.

Thurs, Sept 28

Optimize your thought leadership business with a well-designed signature program. Led by Andrea Reindl, this 90-minute group coaching session delves into outlining and sequencing your flagship program. Learn to prioritize content and create a roadmap for impactful creation. Elevate your client experience by designing a learner path that promotes deep understanding.

Andrea is on a mission to simplify complicated jargon that overpromises and instead pave a path for people with big ideas and the teams that support them to be able to bring their visions to life. She does this by creating a plan, adding timelines and budgets, and making it real. She and her team at Legacy Creative love to take chaos and tame it into common-sense business practices that are end-user-focused and rich in quality experiences.

In the past few years, Andrea & the Legacy Creative team have done things like double annual revenues for companies, set up new programs and products, hosted epic live events, and helped digital business owners create sustainable businesses. Andrea loves to work with high-performing people with big visions and turn those visions into a brand and a business.

Ready to unlock your potential and make a lasting impact?

Embark on a transformative journey this September with The Thought Leader Academy – your gateway to unlocking your full thought leadership potential. The Academy provides an opportunity to access a spectrum of expert-led sessions meticulously curated to enhance your thought leadership prowess. Join us and gain unlimited access to these expert-led sessions, enhancing your journey as a thought leader.

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