Tips for Overcoming Stage Fright

Are you a nervous speaker? Use the tips below to help overcome stage fright and become a stronger presenter.

Know Your Material

Rehearse. Rehearse. Rehearse. The better you know your material, the more confident you will feel in front of a crowd. Practice your material over and over until you can recite it without looking at your notes. Consider practicing in front of friends, family or colleagues.

Arrive Early

Arrive early so that you are able to relax before getting on stage. Take in your surroundings and allow yourself to focus on the task at hand.


Meditation is a useful tactic for helping to calm your nerves and focus. Put aside 10-20 minutes every day to sit in silence and clear your mind.

Avoid Caffeine

If you are already a nervous speaker avoid caffeine. Drinking caffeine before a presentation can make you feel jittery and enhance feelings of stage fright. Drink water instead.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise is known to help improve happiness and confidence. Consider creating an exercise schedule and sticking to it. These feelings will translate on stage.

Get Some Sleep

Always, always get enough sleep the night before a presentation. If you are tired it will show.

Know that Being Nervous is Natural

Here’s a little secret: everyone gets nervous. Everyone. Now that you know, look at your next presentation as a gift. Harness those nerves and turn them into energy and enthusiasm.

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